Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Hold Hands on Their Way to Dinner (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux continued their matching wardrobe streak Thursday night as they headed to dinner in New York City.

Justin looked drool-worthy in black pants, a black suit jacket, and skinny tie. Jen was black from head to toe in tights, boots, and a dress.

This is one gorgeous couple! Ever since making their debut after the MTV Movie Awards, J & J have hardly been shy at showing their affection for one another.

Theroux cleans up quite nicely, don't you think? Actually, we'll take him biker casual, too!


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  • Eibhlin Ni Dubhslaiine
    Eibhlin Ni Dubhslaiine

    why do we need 20 of the same photos...pretty boring i reckon..

  • Sandy

    You are so wrong. You must be an idiot. You sure write like one.

  • minaerbas

    love them! best thing that ever happend

  • courtneybaaaby

    im so happy shes found someone, i really hope it last, she is such a beautiful person and derserves the right guy, good luck to you jen

  • Boyc Ottintouch
    Boyc Ottintouch

    They're both unattractive. Sometimes I think if Aniston started dating a grizzled old toothless homeless man, her cat day fans who see everything as revenge happiness against you know who (heh) would say, 'oooh he's hot with his grocery cart, beard you can hide your spare change in and non matching shoes.'

  • sammytristan

    Awe I hope they work out. Also so they can stop with the whole Brad/Angie/Jenn debacle that the celebrity news press continues to do ever since they've split up years ago. Move on people, they certainly have.

  • Ange

    Justin, just relax and have fun with Jen. Do not care photographers. We know you dislikes photographers taking pictures . They are gonna to do that any way unless you do not go out to enjoy your life. Thank you for taking care of Jen.

  • Gingert

    How come they are soo beautiful? Jen is very classy as usual. Justin is a good looking guy. He is real and cool. He is taking care of his woman. Oh. I like him a lot. Wish them the best.

  • JG

    WOW! They are soo beautiful. Justin is a winner. We love you both.

  • QasimButtar

    damn beautiful

  • B--tch, please
    B--tch, please

    Jebus he is HOT!!!!

  • Jully White
    Jully White

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