Jonah Hill Calls Out Matthew Morrison on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ (VIDEO)

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Jonah Hill has beef with Glee guy Matthew Morrison! The Moneyball star recalled when he was at a Hollywood party with “lame actors” where Matt and “a Gossip Girl guy” [Chace Crawford] were talking, and Jonah overheard them say his name as the “punch line” to their joke.

“They don’t see me. I’m gonna get some scoop, I’m going to call this dude out. I’m going to bust up his conversation,” Jonah began to explain to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s Late Night show. “I can’t really hear what’s going on, and I got my ear to the street. … And I hear, ‘Something, something, something, JONAH HILL,’ and then they both start laughing. Matthew Morrison says that. … I’m the punch line in this guy’s joke!”

He then goes into his rant towards the Glee guy:

 “Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your sh** next time I see you dude,” he said before getting up and pointing at the camera. “I’m calling dudes out on Fallon! I call dudes out on Jimmy Fallon!”

After he sat back down, he added smiling, “I like to see him sing his way out of this one.” Once calm, Jonah retracted a bit, adding, “I’m just kidding, you seem like a great guy.”

Whose side are you on: Jonah or Matt’s? Sound off in the comments!