Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The Future Brangelina? (PHOTO)

Bieber and Selena Babies

Sure, they're just young superstars in love, but what if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez stand the test of time and wind up having (or adopting) a gaggle of kids? Could they be the very next Brangelina?

Justin seems to think so, as he jokingly posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself, Selena and a whole lot of babies. Everyone seems to be smiling, but one question remains: Where'd they get all of those kids from? Either way, nobody in the photo seems to be worried, so it's fair to say it was all on the up and up.

Bieber spent his Wednesday shooting photos too, though the most recent set was promotional. He tweeted:
working hard on this #SOMEDAY shoot. they are playing my first single from the christmas album. what is the name of it again....hmmmm.....
Meantime, Selena's been working it as well, saying on her Twitter on Tuesday: "Just got out of a long fragrance meeting, I am getting really excited for this. Website should be up and running..."



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  • alexa

    my friend leslie likes you justin and she tell me that she wanths to merry you and have kids whit you i dont why she wanth to do that.?????

  • alexa

    hi im alexa i hate justin biber but not selena gomez

  • Bloom

    This is so cute awwwwwrgh

  • Bloom

    LOL this is not serious, the pic is just for fun

  • Brit

    Have'nt you seen 16 and pregnant

  • Michelle

    Get your facts straight. Selena and Justin are NOT 17 months apart. Selena was born July 1992 and Justin was born March 1994. That is 20 months apart.

  • ADE

    justin and selena are too young and they dont make a good couple selena is a drama queen

  • skates2000

    Selena and Justin are only 17 months apart, not a great deal. I bet they still have the same likes and dislikes--there's definitely no generation gap. It's sounds like you are talking more about a May-December Affair. You can't choose on who you want to fall in love with by age, specially with a guy as sweet and loyal as Justin. Even if Justin looks physically immature, he is street smart and can think quite maturedly. Justin loves and respects Selena, as well as is very protective of her. These qualities are enough for her to fall in love with him, aside from her own statements that she loves him for his great confidence and great sense of humour. If tons of beliebers are falling in love with Justin, Selena is no exception since she is in contact with him more often than anybody else. They are bff previously by the way. Selena loves Justin regardless of his age and how he looks, so let it be. As for the present time, both are enjoying each others company and they are both very happy.

  • xchloex13

    They look so cute Lol x

  • Julien

    hahaha they are just kids holding babies! wtf?

  • Katy

    I wonder how the children will look like? the haircut of Justin , the face of selena ? lol

  • Debra Righetti
    Debra Righetti

    It is interesting that Selena Gomez wants to be a cougar. I thought that she would be more interested in older guys but I suppose women like toyboys as well. I doubt they'll settle down together though. Selena will eventually want someone older who can handle her.