Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The Future Brangelina? (PHOTO)

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Sure, they’re just young superstars in love, but what if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez stand the test of time and wind up having (or adopting) a gaggle of kids? Could they be the very next Brangelina?

Justin seems to think so, as he jokingly posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself, Selena and a whole lot of babies. Everyone seems to be smiling, but one question remains: Where’d they get all of those kids from? Either way, nobody in the photo seems to be worried, so it’s fair to say it was all on the up and up.

Bieber spent his Wednesday shooting photos too, though the most recent set was promotional. He tweeted:

working hard on this #SOMEDAY shoot. they are playing my first single from the christmas album. what is the name of it again….hmmmm…..

Meantime, Selena’s been working it as well, saying on her Twitter on Tuesday: “Just got out of a long fragrance meeting, I am getting really excited for this. Website should be up and running…”