Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg Love Luis Guzman! (VIDEO)

Justin & Selena Hit Beach
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez enjoy a romantic getaway.
Bieber Shirtless in Miami
Justin lounges around while on Miami vacay!
The second season of How to Make It in America will premiere on HBO Oct. 2, and Luis Guzman’s famous friends have all rallied to promote the show … and Luis Guzman of course!

The music video features the beats from American-Canadian DJ duo Duck Sauce’s techno hit “Barbra Streisand” only the lyrics are switched to have everyone mouthing “Luis Guzman” instead. 

Celebs in the video range from Kid Cudi to Asher Roth to the show’s executive producer Mark Wahlberg (and Luis’ Boogie Nights costar) and the Made in America cast. Perhaps the biggest surprise came in the form of a cameo by Justin Bieber!

The Biebs makes a quick appearance in the video, looking sharp in a red and green flannel shirt. His cameo may be confirmation of recent rumors that the teen idol will star alongside Mark Wahlberg in an upcoming street basketball film from Paramount Pictures.

Will you be tuning into the How to Make It in America premiere in October, and what do you think of the Biebs and Mark Wahlberg being in a film together? Let us know in the comments!