Kim Kardashian: You Guys Are So Talented!

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I came across these drawings and had to show you guys! You guys are so talented! I love seeing your drawings!

I’m going to do a post on fun Twitter backgrounds, too. I’ve been sent a bunch on Twitter, but please keep sending them to me!

You can tweet them at me with the hashtag #KimKBackground and I’ll grab my favorites to post here.

Love you guys!!



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  • E

    Really captures her fake mouth and eyes!

  • Farah Haddad
    Farah Haddad

    She looks like Michael Jackson (rip) in this drawing! I just dont understand why laser out ur hairline?!?! Bit too much Kimberly..

  • ssstephanie

    i really like the style of this one, comic style or something

  • tejal

    wow!!!! this painting is beautiful..... its like a new side of Kim is shown....

  • Qiana Vause
    Qiana Vause

    Anne, that actually looks like a very good render (drawing). Look at the shading. There are a very good many artists who have the skills and talent to produce work of this quality.

  • Anne

    this is by no way a drawing. it's definately a picture!

  • Jennifer Allen
    Jennifer Allen

    Isn't that Khloe? Kim doesn't drink alcohol.. lol.

  • Amy

    Wow... This is actually such a good drawing of kim, i wish i could draw like that <3 xx

  • Karine

    They truley are one of a kind, and they deserve this. Beautiful couple.

  • Hasmik

    Pleas pike danil and diana. They need these. They want true alat.;) thank you