Readers Respond: Team Jennifer Aniston or Brangelina?

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In a new interview with TODAY show correspondent Matt Lauer on Thursday, Brad Pitt was more candid than he’s been in a while in regards to his marriage to Jennifer Aniston and his current relationship with his babies’ mama Angelina Jolie

”I don’t want them saying anything bad about Jen. She’s a dear friend,” he told Lauer. “She doesn’t deserve it. … It happens to me every time. … She’s good people. There should be a statue of limitations on this thing.”

These quotes were in regards to his PARADE interview where he said he was pretending while married to his ex. 

We asked Celebuzz readers to let us know what side they were on, Team Jennifer or Team Brangelina, and the slew of comments that fed in seemed to be 50/50.

Melanie-Jane Snell said: “Team Jolie-Pitt, hehe, like Adele says in her song, “guess she gave u things, I didn’t give to u.” Aha, this is the case here.”

Amanda Christian doesn’t agree, saying: “Aniston! I’m so sick of all the low blows by Pitt.”

Dusty Lynn Welsh agreed with Amanda, commenting: “Aniston. Karma is a bitch and they will get theirs.”

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Sonia Perez Guzman also agreed, saying: “Team Aniston until the day I die!!!!!!!”

Elizabeth Snyder played it neutral, saying: “A team Aniston-Jolie-Pitt. Thats my team! All together!”

Meanwhile, Lori Reppe Thompson had a lot to say on the subject: “Brad skirts away from all accountability (whether it pertains to his marriage or the words that come out of his mouth) – of course the media is going to talk about a power couple that broke up the way they did (ahem, cheating Brad). Whether you like or don’t like Jen, she *has* handled this whole situation with grace and dignity.”

Lisa Egorin Carmichael agreed: “Aniston – but it is an old topic and Jen will always be the bigger person and the better person – she is beautiful!”

Molly Marcum supports them all, saying: “I love them both. Angelina a bit more but they need to stop with this fude between them all over the news if Brad wanted to be with Jennifer, he would. Stop bashing on Angelina because something he decided himself. They’re both great women but this has been going on for years, enough already.”

If you haven’t got to commenting, now’s the time! What side are you on: Team Aniston or Brangelina?