Reviews Are In For Brad Pitt’s ‘Moneyball’!

Brad Plays Ball
Brad Pitt takes to the field to film 'Moneyball.'
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Brad & Angie at the 'Moneyball' premiere.
Brad's Parade Interview
The story that started the drama.
Brad Pitt’s sports drama Moneyball hits theaters tomorrow, and critics have weighed in on the film … and so far, the reviews are great!

Fox News states that “Moneyball is the “Wall Street of sports movies,” and goes on to say that Brad’s portrayal of Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane is his “best performance yet.”

Entertainment Weekly gives the film an “A-“, stating that:

“As an actor, Brad Pitt has aged like a fine wine. In Moneyball, he’s in classic, game-on movie-star mode, his hair flopping with boyish insolence over his rugged features, but beneath his funny, exhilarating, tossed-off strut of a performance, he gives Billy a deep river of self-doubt, as well as a need to prove himself that never quite comes out and shows itself.”

“Fans of both baseball and movies will get what they want in Moneyball,” says The Boston Phoenix.

Film critic and Pulitzer Prize for Criticism winner Roger Ebert gives the film four stars, and says “I walked in knowing what the movie was about, but unprepared for its intelligence and depth.” 

And while audiences have not yet had a chance to submit their reviews, Moneyball has an impressive 100% rating on from Top Critics.

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