TV Premiere Battle: ‘Community’ vs. ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (POLL)

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Two TV stars seem to be having a bit of a Twitter tussle on the day that both of their shows are set to premiere. Joel McHale and Minka Kelly will go head-to-head in the same time slot when Community’s season premiere and Charlie’s Angels’ series premiere both air tonight!

Joel tweeted about his competition: 

“I have it on good authority the new Charlie’s Angels are all dudes. Catch the COMMUNITY season premiere instead. TONIGHT 8/7c NBC #Community.”

Minka bit back, writing: 

“@joelmchale I beg to differ, sir. :) #CharliesAngles”
Which one will you be watching tonight: Community on NBC or Charlie’s Angels on ABC? Cast your vote in the poll and defend your decision in the comments. 
It seems no show was safe from Joel’s Twitter wrath. The Soup host also tweeted later: “Tonight on Big Bang Theory: Some dork wears a Flash t-shirt. There. Now you can watch COMMUNITY’s premiere TONIGHT 8/7c #Community” Got to give it to him, he’s pretty funny!