Batter Up! Hollywood's Top 10 Most Memorable Baseball Movies (PHOTOS)

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Hollywood's Most Memorable Baseball Movies
'Moneyball' Trailer
Money Ball with Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill star. Watch »

Even Hollywood can't get enough of America's favorite pastime!

Brad Pitt stars as Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane in his latest flick Moneyball (out on Friday), and it's all about the true story of Beane's controversial draft that used computer generated analysis to create the perfect baseball team.

This got Celebuzz thinking about all the other baseball movies that have been released over the years.

For as long as actors have been gracing the silver screen, audiences have enjoyed and been inspired by movies based around our national pastime, so check out which films we chose in the gallery!

Which one is your favorite? Is there one that we left out? Sound off in the comments!


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    Don't forget The Fan, a 1996 film starring Wesley Snipes and Robert de Niro. De Niro plays a crazy baseball fan who wanted to kill the baseball player.

  • Jack Easton
    Jack Easton

    For Love of the Game (1999) should have been included on this list. It's an underappreciated and underrated classic. It stays with you years after you see it.