Britney Spears Gives Motherly Advice to Beyonce

Beyonce's Bikini Bump
Pregnant B bares her tummy.
Beyonce Has The Blues
Beyonce sparkles in blue at the Pulse fragrance party.
Beyonce's Baby Bump
The first pics of Bey's bump!
Although once scrutinized for her parenting skills, Britney Spears has weathered the storm and is using her experience to give some words of wisdom to celeb mom-to-be Beyonce. So what advice is Britney giving the fellow pop star? She told UK’s MTV:

“Just embrace it fully. And just to…do whatever you want to do… If you want to take two or three years off…because, you know, they grow so fast; it happens so fast. Just treasure the moments.”

Beyonce broke the news that she is pregnant at the 2011 VMAs last August, where she showed off her baby bump on the red carpet and during a performance of her song “Love on Top.”

But it seems Beyonce has no plans to slow down with her career. The “Love on Top” singer recently told the Associated Press,

“When you are excited about something, you don’t have to think about your energy. It is natural and comes from adrenaline. It is important that I don’t look at this as like an illness. I am not sick. I am the same woman and I have the same passions.”

Just in the last few weeks, Beyonce attended the launch of Beyonce Pulse perfume and made a trip across the pond for London’s fashion week to unveil the House of Dereon’s first UK line with her mother and designer, Tina Knowles.