Fall Is Here! It Came Early for These Trippy Celebs (PHOTOS)

We’ve all done it — you’re walking down the street or into a store and not paying attention when wham. You’re on the ground and unsure why, only to realize that there was a rogue curb or step that you failed to conquer. It stinks at first, but about five seconds later, pending any injuries, it’s kind of funny.

So, with the old cliche of “have a nice trip, see you next Fall” stuck in our brains — and thanks to Snooki’s fall-down-go-boom moment this week — Celebuzz is reflecting on the beginning of Fall with, well, falling celebrities. Unlike when the rest of the world falls and can dust our knees off and continue on with our day, for celebrities, there’s often a mob of photographers there to document the moment.

So, we’re posting these photos not out of mockery, but out of sympathy. It’s Fall … so let’s all do our best to stay upright this season, OK?