‘Gossip Girl’ Cast: Who’s Pregnant This Season? (VIDEO)

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With the premiere of Gossip Girl’s Season 5 upon us, there is a big elephant in the room. Someone is pregnant! The only clue we saw on the finale episode was Dorota throwing a positive pregnancy test into Blair’s trash, so rumors have been flying around all summer.

In this short but adorable video, the cast seems really excited about letting the world know who is actually pregnant. They cannot give many hints but Penn Badgley suggests Chace Crawfords character, Nate, is expecting. Now that would be a twist no one saw coming.

Could it be Blair (Leighton Meester)? If so, then Chuck (Ed Westwick) would most likely be the baby daddy, leading to some major problems considering she is engaged to Prince Louis of Monaco. The characters are known for their countless hookups so it really could be any of them.