Reviews Are In For Taylor Lautner's Post-'Twilight' Film 'Abduction'

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Farewell, Jacob Black. Hello, Nathan Harper! Taylor Lautner's post-Twilight film debut, Abduction hits theaters nationwide today, and previews have been coming in all week. What have film critics thought of the action thriller so far?

Unfortunately for the cast and crew, the film has received some negative reviews,with the The Associated Press pointed out the flaws, writing: 

"Screenplay writer Shawn Christensen tries to fashion a Bourne Identity-like thriller (there are some parallels, too, to the recent and significantly better Hanna), but the plot is increasingly absurd and the dialogue often comically poor. also compiled a list "The 9 Most Scathing Critical Responses to Abduction." Here's one tidbit:

“Actual abduction may be preferable to the movie of the same name, but only if your kidnappers don’t torture you by forcing you to watch it," said Kyle Smith from the NY Post.

The film has a six percent rating on from top critics and readers. "I think a 0% rating for this movie is WAY too high," said Christopher L., an audience commentator.

But some critics agree that it's the film's flawed storyline that prevents the cast's acting abilities to shine:

"Taylor Lautner tries to hold his own in an action thriller too silly to give him much of a chance," Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter lamented.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times said that Taylor's character isn't a far cry from his Twilight werewolf alter-ego:

"Lautner's sensitive young stud in Abduction isn't far removed from the pining werewolf he plays in the Twilight movies. They both have anger issues, yes, but they also can be achingly sweet and vulnerable and protective—and shirtless, when appropriate."
Ouch. Do you agree with the harsh reviews of Abduction? Will this affect your decision to see the movie? Sound off in the comments!
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  • simplydiffer

    Ouch. That sounds horrible. Still watching it anyway. Why would I miss anything with muh boo in it?

  • oniszko2

    Saw the movie today, it was not good,the acting in it seemed almost forced..

  • Aya

    I actually like Taylor but the movie looks like a stereotypical reproduced pile of drivel. I don't know if his acting has grown enough to carry a movie all on his own, worse yet one that is apparently incredibly lacking in substance to begin with (if the reports thus far are to be believed). The trailer alone made it impossible for me to take it seriously. I know it's his dream to be an action star but I don't think 'Abduction' is going to get him there.

  • victoria

    The movie was rather horrible.. I mean taylor lautner cannot act and that's the sad truth. The dialogue made the movie painfull to watch.they should have gotten better actors and a better plot because I don't think this will do well in the box office.

  • Footyforlife

    never listen to the critics doubt they have been in any films to understand what the public like seeing * So i will stand by my decision to see abduction looks more interesting then brad pitts movie anyway.

  • rachel

    Screw the critics. They live in a world of their own. Everyone else who's seen it said it's great. I think it looks like a lot of fun. I'm going to see it.

  • Sartain

    Why would I watch 'Abduction'? I couldn’t take any of that seriously at all. Taylor Lautner, you pathetic 19 year old Jason Bourne wannabe! Walking around all dressed in black!