Snooki Has a Major Streetside Meltdown on 'Jersey Shore'

Snooki Meltdown

And in this week's edition of who's drunk and crying on Jersey Shore, Snooki steps up to the plate in a big way!

The Jionni-is-visiting plotline has been in the works for weeks now, with tension building between Snooki and her adored "gorilla." Over recent weeks, he's expressed a dislike to her drunken antics and foul mouth ... which kind of comes with the territory when dating Miss Snooks. Still, upon arrival in Florence, Jionni was none too thrilled with his girlfriend's dance moves in the club, and he eventually stormed out -- resulting in one of the more epic meltdowns in Jersey Shore history.

No, Snooki didn't smash her head into a concrete wall, but she did scream like few have screamed before and wound up smashing her rear on the concrete after falling during her streetside tantrum. JWoww did her best to diffuse the situation, but there was just too much emotion, anger and gin involved to keep Snooki at bay.

"Only because I f----- love her," Jwoww says as she whips off her heels and chases after Snooki. Now that's a friend! Still, by the time Snooki makes it back to the house, she's inconsolable and incoherent. The episode ends with Jionni packing his bags and leaving, prompting The Situation to call him a "wankster."

Ah, Jersey Shore. Good times.



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  • courtneybaaaby

    i love you snooki, you are so beautiful.

  • Andrea Pizzuto
    Andrea Pizzuto

    Correction: Jenni took off her heels and said "only beceause I effin love her" while trying to catch up to Jionni, not Snooks.

  • Mellisa

    Snookis a nutcase she drinks and acts like a temper tantrum child. I like Jianni for walking out

  • Clu

    Lulz0rz. Never a dull moment.