Taylor Lautner on 'Steamy' Scene With Lily Collins: 'We Just Went For It'

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Abduction hits theaters today, which is Taylor Lautner's first starring role outside of Twilight. No love triangle here, this one is more about action...but definitely a lot of romance, too.

"Thankfully it was a pretty easy transition, chemistry wise, going from Kristen [Stewart] to Lily [Collins]," Taylor told us at the junket. "Lily is so talented, she just shines on that screen and on set. It was great working with her I can’t wait for everybody to see her in the movie."

Lautner and Lily's "steamy scene" (as Taylor called it) takes place on a train, and unlike his stunt scenes which he had to negotiate for "there was no negotiation needed" for the love scene.

"Yes, it is PG-13," Taylor told reporters laughing. "We were reminded of that. That’s why there had to be the little 'I’m getting hungry' excuse."

"But no, it was great," continued T.Laut. "We just went for it, I mean sometimes those scenes can be awkward, it just depends. Thankfully it was all good."

One reporter pointed out that unlike K.Stew, Taylor actually gets the girl in this film.

"Right? I know!" smiled Taylor. "Even in [Breaking Dawn] he ends up with a kid. It’s a great feeling to actually end up with a girl!"

While it all worked out onscreen, Taylor has been coy about his real-life relationship with Lily, telling Kathie Lee Gifford that they're "very good friends." Meanwhile, Us magazine reports the two were an item, but have split. A source told the mag: "It was a clean break that Taylor initiated." The supposedly called things off a week before the L.A. premiere.

Be sure to check out Abduction this weekend!



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  • Kristina

    Awwww, such a sweet kiss. Coincidently, my boyfriend and I had the most sensual kiss last night which made my head spin and my heart miss a beat. My boyfriend is an amazing kisser and he knows exactly what to do to turn me on in all the right ways.

  • yashi1387

    Kinda sad that not even Taylor gets what truly is the relationship of Jacob and Renessme, ppl are making it seem like its in a romantic perspective , its not , its a friendship that develops first and then its romantic when Renessme is older , its the reason for Jake's obsession with Bella , he was destined to be part of the Cullens just like Bella was as well and it saddens me that very few understand the twilight story and yet they are "fans" of it , Ohh Well, Anyways unlike the douches at Rotten Tomatoes "opinion" Abduction is a good movie ! i hope it does well !