The Kardashians Declare War on Sweatpants (VIDEO)

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Just in case you were curious about where the Kardashians stand on wearing sweatpants while out shopping, Kourtney and her sisters are making their point quite clear.

In a commercial for the Kardashian Kollection which is exclusively available at Sears, Kourt is seen standing alongside Kim and Khloe in a store, when Kourtney takes a hold of the PA system. Then, she unleashes a declaration of war.

“Hey ladies, you look so fantastic in those sweatpants … just kidding, you really don’t.

Khloe and Kim are seen giggling at their sister’s seemingly impromptu rant, and Khloe even chimes in “It’s perfect!” at the end.

So just be warned: If sweatpants are your go-to look for shopping or any other activities, you may want to hit up the Kardashian Kollection for some more stylish gear.