The Kardashians Declare War on Sweatpants (VIDEO)

Just in case you were curious about where the Kardashians stand on wearing sweatpants while out shopping, Kourtney and her sisters are making their point quite clear.

In a commercial for the Kardashian Kollection which is exclusively available at Sears, Kourt is seen standing alongside Kim and Khloe in a store, when Kourtney takes a hold of the PA system. Then, she unleashes a declaration of war.

"Hey ladies, you look so fantastic in those sweatpants ... just kidding, you really don't.
Khloe and Kim are seen giggling at their sister's seemingly impromptu rant, and Khloe even chimes in "It's perfect!" at the end.

So just be warned: If sweatpants are your go-to look for shopping or any other activities, you may want to hit up the Kardashian Kollection for some more stylish gear.



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  • Nattx

    None of that is any of your business - their money, their names' (and it's spelt Odom, btw), nothing. So keep your jealous nose out of it - and don't even say you're not jealous, 'cos it's blatantly obvious! If you're sick of hearing about them, then stop looking at news related to them and posting comments!?

  • Nattx

    If they're "not worth it", then why are you taking time out of your day to post negative comments on here? :) grow up


    I thought I loved the Kardashians but they’re using everyone else to get what they want in life “COME ON GIRLS LIVE YOUR LIFE AND NOT FOLLOW OTHERS BY ENCOURAGING THEM” I bet you that everyone has the personalities these girls flaunt JUST LET YOU BE YOU!!! GET OVER THE KARDASHIANS THEY’RE NOT WORTH IT!!!


    I thought I loved the Kardashians but they’re using everyone else to get what they want in life “COME ON GIRLS LIVE YOUR LIFE AND NOT FOLLOW OTHERS BY ENCOURAGING THEM” I bet you that everyone has the personalities these girls flaunt JUST LET YOU BE YOU!!! GET OVER THE KARDASHIANS THEY’RE NOT WORTH IT!!!!!**


    I thought I loved the Kardashians but they’re using everyone else to get what they want in life “COME ON GIRLS LIVE YOUR LIFE AND NOT FOLLOW OTHERS BY ENCOURAGING THEM” I bet you that everyone has the personalities these girls flaunt JUST LET YOU BE YOU!!! GET OVER THE KARDASHIANS THEY’RE NOT WORTH IT!!!!!


    I thought I loved the Kardashians but they're using everyone else to get what they want in life "COME ON GIRLS LIVE YOUR LIFE AND NOT FOLLOW OTHERS BY ENCOURAGING THEM" I bet you that everyone has the personalities these girls flaunt JUST LET YOU BE YOU!!! GET OVER THE KARDASHIANS THEY'RE NOT WORTH IT!!!!!

  • Carla Alora
    Carla Alora


  • caron

    Howin ham and cheese some of yu have the nerve to use God name with the filfy mouth yu are no one to judge if those girls have what they have is because they were not afraid to step to the plato...not plate in case hnow yu think I spelled wrong armeniens. Girls and india they are hnowing to be very beautyful so stop hating because if anyone will be honest if that would that be us we would love it the glamour the lifestyle if anything. Else pray for those girls that one day they will be with God and instead of destroy them with a perverse tongue whatever design they have sweats or not yu don't got to buy

  • courtneybaaaby

    khloes fat, especially her face.

  • debrabaird

    I love the Printapons website. It is so convenient and easy to use. It's coupons are great and there are sooo many. 5 stars all the way.

  • Wikusik SantaCrose
    Wikusik SantaCrose

    Kardashians are tipical Europien girls, olways look good! Not because clothes maky people, because they want to feel fine fore themselfs, Like what Khloe sad, do whatever makes you feel sexy, thats what we do.

  • Wikusik SantaCrose
    Wikusik SantaCrose

    Why we shoul copy u? We had never gone by youre trends :D We have are own, THats why they say that in Europe there are the nices girls, we are healthy and never show in publick like we just ren out of bed :P Get over yourself

  • Cynthia

    Not everyone wants there boobs hanging out all the time only on special occasions and that's when I dress up.

  • callie broussard
    callie broussard

    It is time Americans realize you show self pride with how you leave the house. Take some time to love yourself besides when shopping for clothes it will look better with the proper foundation. So go out and look like you care. My mother always said never leave home in something you don't want to have a photo in. Good point love u girls. Callie at BasicMissions.

  • Chinadoll

    sweat pants are just as comfortable then jeans. Sorry but not everyone has the time to glam up everyday.

  • teeebabeee

    its not even about being a slob, its about being your own person. Who cares if she wears sweat pants. We spend to much time worrying about other people! worry about ourselves! be your own person!

  • summer logan
    summer logan

    I'm sure I've seen them all in juicy couture track suits, which is sweatpants just more expensive!! Some of us live in the midwest not california....

  • mishelle asaku
    mishelle asaku

    The kadashians can look good in anything. They know better when it comes to fashion, so if they. Say sweat pants aren't for outings....

  • Stephanie

    Okay, for one Khloe looks fab!! She's so beautiful and she doesn't look anything like a man!! And another thing is if people have a problem with them then stop paying them attention! And just because they don't like wearing sweats doesn't give people the right to attack them and say mean, rude, nasty things!! I think they're great. I like all three girls and I think they've worked hard to get where they are! Keep up the good work girls!!

  • cindy goncalves
    cindy goncalves

    If I'm not mistaken, Khloe didn't y'all wear sweatpants at your wedding.!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Sweats are only for lazy days at home and gym/training. It's not hard to find comfy jeans.

  • Fab Felicia
    Fab Felicia

    Yes they sell clothes, it's known here mostly by catalog.

  • lizj433


  • Makensy

    Sweats are amazingly comfortable, I'm not gonna change cause the kardashians don't like 'em

  • lizj433

    This is really FUCKED UP that ya think like this... ur shit stinks like every one elses...u become known and all of a sudden think ur better than any one else....u seem to forget that when u DIE u turn to dust like everyone GOD created...people can wear sweat pants if they want....khloe looks like a man kim acts like her shit dont stink and kourtney thinks shes everyones boss....u dont need a reality show all three of u need a REALITY check.....SNOB SNOBS SNOBS....UGH!!!!!! & to think i USE to like these girls...but they r getting obnoxious!!!!

  • sammie7

    Try Harder! I have lived in Europe, so sorry.......No! The clothes do not make the person and since so many females over there try so hard to look like American women, it is to laugh!

  • treysmom

    I'm very they have it at Sears because theres no bloomingdales or maceys in Iowa for a stylish woman like my self I'm happy we have something to look forward too

  • Karina

    I love these girls! Kim is awesome but my favorite are khloe n kourtney! They are so funny!

  • eli


  • Emiliana

    I love the Kardashians I wish I could have the relationship that they have with my sisters.Just so you know girls We love you all in Dominican Republic.

  • Rachel J
    Rachel J

    Luv ur clothes!! So comfty!by the way I was at sears & I really wanted the leopard dress worn in picture by kim. ;(( I bought the black one wirh lace all over.

  • Ashli

    HEHE! That's cute! I haven't seen this commercial yet, but it sounds pretty funny. :)

  • doll face
    doll face

    lmao kourtneys the shit i love them

  • kathy

    Why people rag on them just let them enjoy their lives. I dont get why people are so nasty towards them one word jealousy

  • Cheyenne

    Honestly I love sweatpants. There comfy n I wear them all the time. Sorry that yous are stuck up n to good for sweatpants but here in Philly that's like the number one thing we wear. So holla

  • krystal

    Love the girls, but if their not handing out money, hair dressers, make-up people, house keepers, nannies(wouldn't want a nanny anyways I love taking care of my own), cooks, and so on that they have everyday in their lives, than they shouldn't say what others should be wearing. We normal people that live normal lives are the ones to clean for ourselfs, cook for our families, do the laundry and take care of our own children, so no we don't have all this time on our hands to get all dressed up everyday of our lives.....keep that in mind next time you K's want to bash on others on what they wear, our lives our harder than yours , cause we do everything all on our own!!!! FYI.

  • Jeanine E. Martin
    Jeanine E. Martin

    This is to the person whose comment included a reference to "the girls" designing this collection. How ignorant can you be? A whole team of designers worked on this. All the Kardashians did was put their name on some designs patterned after them, so they can get their percentage of the sales. These girls don't do anything (including getting married) unless it means money for them.

  • Raquel

    It's all fun and games. Don't get mad. The Kardashians are awesome. They're my sisters from another mother LOL!!

  • nelly

    I honestly feel sorry for the idiot that posted that nasty comment about you guys. The Kardashians are amazing! And if you dislike them so much and are tired of hearing about them why the hell are you on this page?! Lol you obviously have no life and if you do you are extremely unhappy with it! Be happy and hating! Thanks :) love u girls ;)

  • janice

    I think you girls are so right lady's leave the sweat pants at the gym . I am so excited that you girls finally started your own line !!!

  • Bella

    ... or you could try not being a disgusting slob. I do shit all day and manage to put on real clothes... and makeup... and I even shower every single morning.

  • Jeanine E. Martin
    Jeanine E. Martin

    I am sooooo sick of hearing about you Kardashians! Do you honestly think that selling your new clothing line at Sears is going to make any of us believe you care one little bit about us "regular" people? Kim, you are the most disgusting of all! If you guys are worried about women wearing sweat pants while shopping, maybe you should donate some of your misused money so that people could dress a little nicer. And Khloe, I thought you were married now and that your last name is "Odum". Forget Kim...Kris (your husband, if you recall) should just take your last name - we all know who wears the money pants in your marriage - a marriage that only took place because 1) he asked you and 2) because you wanted all the attention. Somebody paid for that wedding...even if it wasn't you. It was probably the women in sweat pants!

  • Johanna Q
    Johanna Q


  • Me oh my
    Me oh my

    I wear my Pink sweats and I wear them well who are you girls to judge not everybody can afford high end things like you girls I still love you girls but reality it reality

  • ugh

    Oh and I've seen pics of the girls running errands where they are wearing jeans and Kourt wears flats in almost every picture that she's showed running errands with Mason in. So for those who are bothered stop being slobs and take pride in the way you look especially in public instead of bashing the girls and their line. And if you guys think you can design better, put your money where your mouth is!

  • Kyle

    Hahaha Kourt cracks me up! Love these girls!

  • ugh

    Sweatpants should totally stay at home. I'm a mom and I wouldn't dare wear sweats to go shopping-whether it be at the grocery store or mall. And just because someone doesn't have door to door service doesn't make it okay to go out in public looking raggedy. Sweats look sloppy and for those who STILL are wearing Juicy Couture velour sweats....2004 called and wants their trend back :) Yay for no sweats!!

  • Wikusik SantaCrose
    Wikusik SantaCrose

    Girls in Europe NEWER vear Sweatpants ! Here they would laugh u out !We (eu) want to be sexy all the time :3

  • Sammy

    I feel bad for jealous haters :/ oh well! The K's know when they're right and they most certainly are!! Long live Kardashian x

  • Lucy barrera
    Lucy barrera

    I bet u that the kardashians have better taste than you do in clothes. and sears sells clothes too it's a fact look it up dumbo:p

  • Erica

    I look good I'n sweats lol i like to be comfortable while i shop... Why don't you guys make some cute jogging pants

  • Andrew

    b*tch .. ill be glad to se were you have landed . are you famous like them At least they have a sears collection What you have is a mouth to feed SO you should shut the F**** UP HATER ! & look at yourself first ... CALL ME ! when yo become one as great as them <3

  • Cheap

    I admire u guys, but I was very disappointed on ur collection. When I went to see your stuff, it's the cheapest fabric ever. Everything is so shiny and cheap looking. The prices are ridiculous for that stuff. The only things I likes were the shoes and purses. I know you wanted to make it affordable for everyone, but everyone deserves nice quality as well. Sorry!!

  • Nicole

    Some people are so rude. I think its awesome that you girls have started your own collection, so what it is at sears, that means people that do not have tons of money to buy cute clothes can go get cute clothes for a bargain. Best of luck dolls!

  • kpoudosu ebi
    kpoudosu ebi

    If sweat pants is what I think it is,ladies you don't need it in public to show how sex,charming or beautiful you are.

  • krizia

    jogging pants sweat pants yoga pants training pants it's all the same shxt and im almost sure all three of you wear them. so why call yourselves out. and for the record Sears is known for tools home appliances and RAGS! Your clothing line is such a joke you couldn't even land Macys much less bloomingdales or 5th ave. think before you speak! Or atleast do research on the fact that right across the dash collection is the biggest selection of raggy sweatpants

  • Amanda

    Yup, keep the sweatpants at home

  • Marcie

    I totally agree.... Even a pair of jeans with a cute tee is way more stylish than sweat pants... I am a morher of four little ones, always on the go! But u will never catch me wearing sweats...yuk!! Ladies, keep ur sweat pants in the gym bag!!!

  • Karla

    Yall tripping Kardashians , sorry but I so Disagree with y'all on this one ;(

  • G

    Maybe if we were all chauffered door to door when shopping and running errands we could all look as fabulous as you after you've been glammed head to toe by ur glamsquad! But unfortunatly real ppl haven't got door to door service, so yes we have to be comfortable and get to places thruout the day without killing feet skirts flying up boobs hanging out of tops! Try making nice flat shoes or a nice sweat suit we can wear when out running errands!

  • Francine Prevost
    Francine Prevost

    Too funny, and she's right no one looks good in sweat pants.

  • Ellena vlahopoulos
    Ellena vlahopoulos

    Not everyone has the money you fat asses do

  • danielle nash
    danielle nash

    If I'm shopping, I want something comfy so I can try on things easily. Now, I would NEVER go out in bummy sweats...but a Vicki's PINK, a juicy couture or a bebe outfit is just fine IMO. <3 KK sisters but I have to semi disagree w em on this one!

  • Crystal Kadir
    Crystal Kadir

    I'll fucking wear sweatpants if I want to. I think I look great in them :)

  • Ashley

    Love it!