‘The Office’ Boss Revealed: Do You Like Michael Scott‎’s Replacement? (POLL)

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When Steve Carrell announced last summer that he was leaving The Office, rumors about who would replace him as manager at Dunder Mifflin spread like wildfire. And now, finally after months of speculation,  Michael Scott’s replacement was finally revealed on the season premiere. James Spader and Jim Carrey were among those rumored to take over, and in a fun twist, the new manager turned out to be …. (SPOILER ALERT!)

Ed Helms!

Ed’s character, Andy Bernard, was chosen for the job after Spader’s character netted another gig — as CEO. Yep, he managed to talk current CEO, Jo (Kathy Bates), out of her own job!

So what do you think about the new boss? Vote in the poll and be sure to sound off in the comments. And in case you missed the episode (or want to relive the season premiere), check out the full episode below.