Would Lea Michele Go Naked For PETA? (PHOTOS)

Lea Bikinis!
Lea Michele hits the beach.
Lea Michele was honored at Friday’s Variety Power of Women event presented by Lifetime, and the gorgeous star took time to talk with Celebuzz. The Glee beauty was being honored for her amazing work with PETA, and so we had to ask her if she would pull a Elisabetta Canalis or Khloe Kardashian and pose for the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign.

“I will do anything for them, I just adore them,” Lea told us on the carpet. “I think the women who do those campaigns are really making it effective in their own way. They are doing their part, definitely. I think that I should focus on other things so we’re all doing our part in different aspects.”

Michele even took PETA to heart during that infamous food fight scene in the Glee season premiere.

“I told [the boys] they couldn’t throw any meat at me. I made them only throw pasta or lettuce,” Lea told us adding that it was not the most pleasant day on set.

“You don’t even know—it was the worst. I cried,” Ms. Michele said “Those were real tears, I swear. Seriously. Basically we had to do the scene, then wait with the mess on us for thirty minutes while the boys shot theirs.”

Even though L may not have a definitive yes or no about stripping down for PETA, I think we can all agree she would look amazing if she did. Lea told us her vegan diet is partly what gives her that fabulous figure:

“I don’t eat meat and I used to. You know, [PETA] has opened my eyes to a lot of different things. It really has helped me personally feel great.”

“PETA is just so important to me because I’m a huge animal lover. For me, it allows me to feel like I’m doing my part,” LM told us. “I often get quite overwhelmed with the problems that animals face. Being involved in PETA makes me feel like I’m helping.”

You can help too! Check out PETA’s website right here and see how you can get involved, and check out Lea’s Save the Horses campaign for PETA below.

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