Batman and Catwoman Hang Out on ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set (PHOTOS)

Anne as Catwoman!
Hathaway transforms for 'Dark Knight.'
Whether or not they’ll be friends or foes in Dark Knight Rises will be a mystery until the film comes out. Still, frenemies or not, seeing Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale in their Batman and Catwoman suits on set is just plain interesting.

The Dark Knight Rises duo were seen filming scenes and hanging out in between takes on the Los Angeles set of the film over the weekend. Bale looks like good old Batman, but seeing Hathway was her cute-as-a-button … well, a deadly button … Catwoman is a treat for all of the fans anxiously awaiting the newest installment.

Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to be released in July 2012, and given the whopping success and acclaim from The Dark Knight in 2008, Rises is already being tapped as a contender for the biggest movie of the year.