Exclusive: Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower Make MTV’s ‘New Class’!

10 Facts About Lily
Things you didn't know about Miss Collins.
Every 5 years or so, a new group of actors and actresses begin making a big impact in Hollywood, and there’s a lot of talk of the “next new thing.” Well, MTV has decided to initiate a group of young celebrities who fit that bill, and Celebuzz has your first look at the first two inductees into the “New Class” — Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Collins, who starred opposite Taylor Lautner in Abduction, graciously talks about the honor in an interview with MTV, saying that she’s thrilled to even be considered. When asked about her peers that she admires, Lily is quick to rattle off a serious list of A-listers.

I really admire Keira Knightley and I love Kate Winslet, and of course Meryl Streep. None of them have stuck themselves in a box … I love their choices.

As for Bower, who stars in the upcoming Breaking Dawn films and will also be in The Mortal Instruments with Collins in 2012, says that rising up in the fame ranks is great, but he knows it carries its own “weight.” He says he’s currently”terribly excited and incredibly nervous and I hope I don’t f— it up.”

He goes on to cite Johnny Depp as a career he’d like to emulate, saying he’s “been a massive inspiration to me.”

Watch his video below, and stay tuned to Celebuzz and MTV all week as we roll out the rest of the New Class!

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