‘Glee Project’ Winner Damian McGinty May Be ‘Glee’ Season Three’s Lucky Charm

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Being one of the two grand-prize winners of The Glee Project, Damian McGinty will be joining the cast of Glee this season for a seven-episode arc. And from the sounds of it, he may just be bringing the show “luck of the Irish” that it needs!

Damian will play Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan, who will be living with everyone’s favorite clueless Cheerio Brittany (Heather Morris)! Damian told TVGuide that Brittany “thinks he is her own personal leprechaun only she can see.” 

Rory quickly develops a crush on Brittany (who wouldn’t?), giving Santana some competition. But Santana’s not the only one who will feel a little threatened by the charming Irish boy.

“He does a little falsetto in his first song, and Kurt (Chris Colfer) did not like that because Kurt’s the soprano of the group and doesn’t want that taken from him.”

Damian’s first appearance will air on November 1. Are you excited to see him on the show? Sound off in the comments below!