‘Gossip Girl’ Is Back! Celebrate With Blake Lively’s Hottest Pics! (PHOTOS)

Lively in Leather
Blake goes orange for TCA's
Blake Lively’s summer was like something straight out of Gossip Girl – a whole lot of actual gossip about the doings of her personal life.

Thankfully for the blonde beauty, Gossip Girl is finally coming back to the airwaves tonight (Sept. 26), and there’s a whole lot of mystery in the air. Lively’s character Serena is still in Los Angeles and out of her element, while there’s a pregnancy mystery on the Upper East Side that will surely be the talk of the season. And that’s just the beginning! You know there won’t be any shortage of drama, plot twists, passionate flings and backstabbing — it is Gossip Girl after all.

So, in anticipation of the hot show’s return, allow Celebuzz to present a photo compilation of the hottest looks from Miss Lively. The 24-year-old blonde beauty will surely be one of Hollywood’s elite for years if she chooses to be, so get ready for a whole lotta Lively in the future.