Jennifer Aniston Bares a Bit of Bra at 'Five' Premiere

Jennifer Aniston was a total 10 at the Five premiere Monday night in NYC. The actress stepped out in sleek black slacks and matching vest but it was her super-sexy lacy lingerie underneath that made the 40-something star stand out. 

However, despite her awesome outfit there was something missing on the red carpet, her beau Justin Theroux! He did however, escort her to the event as they were spotted leaving her apartment, but Justin didn't pose for pics at the venue. What do you think of Jen showing a little lace? Too much or just right? Leave a few reviews in the comments! 

The Lifetime premiere of Five will be Jen's directorial debut. She is the director of one of the five shorts and said of the movie: 
“Our hope with Project Five is to entertain, inform and inspire dialogue, research and prevention. Otherwise, our goals are small. We want these films to move people and empower those affected by breast cancer to stand tall through this challenge, which impacts ALL of our lives, no matter who we are.”
Jen also went to Good Morning America Monday morning to chat about the project.



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  • subash roy
    subash roy

    although angelina is more beautiful, jennifer is classier

  • perszona

    I will never understand why people call Jennifer Aniston beautiful (except for her legs, although Kate's legs are much better). Her skin is bad, her smile is always the same and is forced half the time, her lips are downright ugly, and her style is either boring or she is trying too hard - here she looks like a biker girl from a small town pub who got hold of a good makeup artist and hair stylist. Without all of that, this woman looks at best average. I think American women like her exactly because she looks like a glamourized version of mediocrity - because of that, it is easy to identify with her. Which is fine, but to call her beautiful? I must have met at least 10 waitress in LA looking like her in a week.

  • Tonya Holmes
    Tonya Holmes


  • Marlene

    Jennifer is just beautiful - and always was!

  • Mary Alice T Sasser
    Mary Alice T Sasser

    Hottest Hollywood couple! Justjen!

  • lele


  • lele

    ewww they both ugly...

  • CharlieB

    No Comparison - Jen is WAY hotter. She is "girl next door" hot. While Angelina is too made up and too skinny and her lips are WAY too big. Jen is naturally hot and does not act like it. Angelina ACTS like she is the hottest thing on the planet ....she is not. Jen wins hands down in my opinion.

  • Melony

    JEN, obviously

  • Violet

    Don't really care for either woman, but Jennifer looks healthy in all the photos, and Angelina looks like she has been starved, and with a face as large as hers it makes her head look too big for her body, the woman needs to eart!

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  • Jess

    I can't believe people don't like this outfit?! Are you blind?! this is amazing. The pants with the vest, and the peeking bra is a classic. It has the right amount of sex appeal and still classy because of the long pant. wow.

  • DEE

    After reviewing the "side by side" photos of Angelina and Jennifer, it's obvious that 1) Angie is gorgeous in every photo - relaxed, happy, stylish, simply being herself; where Jennifer - looked like she had to pose to look good - looked angry - smiles looked like she had to work on it - and looked aged! Angie - HANDS DOWN IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

  • Natalia

    Nice curves Jenn...

  • Natalia

    Get some rest girl.

  • nicole

    trying hard

  • Maria Erica Christine Yabut
    Maria Erica Christine Yabut

    jen looks like a hooker here with her pimp! dont like her get up..

  • Chloe Lindsley
    Chloe Lindsley

    heyahh jen u are my idol i love the clothes u were and that u teach tha paparzzi a lesson and tell them straight go jen xxx

  • eli

    What is she doing to her face? Too many fillers..........

  • simplyme000

    WOW, she's getting sexier and sexier... Hummmmm... Justin might have something 2 do with it!

  • Dorothy Hall
    Dorothy Hall

    Sour puss!!

  • jerseys

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  • Emm

    I thought the trend of wearing pants that long died... Jennifer's stylist needs to get those pants hemmed an inch!

  • kkforever!

    she looks beautiful as always!! sexy and amazing! :)

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  • alex

    Wow..!A big jolie-pitt fan!Another MORON ..great!its just what this country need..LOL!pathetic hater.



  • Libby

    Justin was ther just didn't walk the red carpet with her look at the photos on the dailymail.

  • courtneybaaaby

    wow so shocking, we dont care.