Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene Party Together in Las Vegas


Although Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene ended their relationship in March, there doesn't appear to be any bad blood between them. While in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, the twosome reunited to party the night away at TAO Nightclub on Saturday evening. The two have remained friends and "seemed at ease" hanging out and taking in the crazy VIP scene, an onlooker tells Celebuzz. Could they be rekindling their romance? Only time will tell.

Celebuzz readers -- do you think these two should start dating again? Sound off in the comments.

Joe seems to be playing nice with all his ex-girlfriends lately. In August, the "Just in Love" singer attended Taylor Swift's concert in Los Angeles. A few days later, he reunited with Demi Lovato at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. The two had what looked to be a friendly run-in and seemed to be on good terms as they chatted and embraced.



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  • Rachel

    Noooo shes a skank they dont belong together

  • gretel

    sorry, joe deserve better than her. ashley is a bitch. she cheated on him

  • Rach

    He dated Taylor Swift when he was a teenager. Get the hell over it. Breaking up with someone isn't a crime. My God. It was a summer romance between teenagers that didn't work out. She was no more mature about the situation than he was. The only immature ones here are people like you still holding something against Joe that happened four years ago. They're both over it, have made peace with one another and moved on. It's long overdue for everyone else to do the same. Ashley has been known to go from guy to guy. Her dated history is longer than Joe's. She's not a flawless angel just because you like her. She and Joe obviously saw something in one another that kept them together for almost a year. And saying as how you don't know either of them, who are you to say she deserves better? Get over yourself.

  • shanghai

    Maybe all his songwriting about relationships made him realise how badly he treated most of his ex girlfriends. Nice to think he is growing up and maturing a bit.

  • e.lynn

    Don't care about neither but I bumped into them in NYC few months ago..they seemed a little drunk and were laughing and stumbling around trying to duck a paparazzo. I thought they were cute, it's sad to hear they broke up.

  • Marcelina

    Her boobs are so huge! I’m pretty sure she could smother a man to death between those boobs. It would be one of the most pleasant deaths a man could die.

  • James Kragen
    James Kragen

    Ashley is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. There’s a lovely gentleness and sweetness to her. She deserves better than that horse’s ass, Joe Jonas who obviously can’t handle older women and should be ashamed of himself after the way he treated Taylor Swift. It is unfortunate that Ashley is as attractive as she is misguided with her poor taste in men. I thought that she was more interested in older guys not wanting to be a cougar.