Kelly Clarkson Debuts ‘Mr. Know It All’ Music Video

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Kelly Clarkson’s new video for her single “Mr. Know It All” shows a lot of sides to the singer. The American Idol alum steps out in a series of fun outfits in the video ranging from sexy-chic rock star to glammed-up starlet. 

She chatted with MTV News about playing dress-up for the video, revealing that her fave outfit was the gown. She said: 

“Like, there’s all these different sides of you, and that was the free-spirit side of me. That’s one of my favorite shots in the video. It keeps coming back to my hair everywhere.”

Kelly added, talking about her other sides: 

“I think there’s that free-spirit side of me, and then there’s that feisty performer in me. Then there’s the funny side of me. I mean, obviously you have to be funny to have a big giant wall of doubt with actual headlines of your life on the wall. It’s a little fun, a little feisty.”

Whatever side we see of Kelly, they all can sing! Her new album Stonger will be released next month, but she told MTV of releasing “Mr. Know It All” first: 

“It was actually the last song we recorded, and we had already finished it up. That song came out of nowhere. And luckily it did, because everybody fell in love with it.”

Check out her MTV interview below!

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