Kim Kardashian Hits 10 Million Twitter Followers; Check Out Her Best Twitpics! (PHOTOS)

kim's best twitpics!
Kim Kardashian Reaches Ten Million Twitter Followers

As if basking in the glow of her fabulous wedding wasn't enough to keep  Kim Kardashian smiling, the newlywed has another reason to party today: She's officially crossed the 10 million follower line on Twitter.

Kim officially joined Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga in 10,000,000 land, and she's celebrating by giving back to her followers with a whole lot of giveaways.

Kim tweeted on Monday morning:"OOOMMMGGG I just realized that I hit 10 MILLION FOLLOWERS! Words can't even begin to express the love I feel for all of u!!! .... I gotta do something special for u guys! Let me think of something fab to show my appreciation!!!!" Well, now she's making good on that. On her blog, Kim laid out the framework for some amazing giveaway opportunities, saying:
I want to give away 10 $1,000 gift certificates to Dash, 10 free 1 month memberships to, 10 pairs of Skechers ShapeUps, 10 pieces of Belle Noel jewelry, 10 Kardashian Kollection for Sears pieces and 10 bottles of my fragrance!!! I’m going to be picking followers at random over the next week, so keep a look out to see if I pick you!
Are you following Kim on Twitter? If not, get in on the action and relive some of her greatest TwitPics in the gallery above.



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  • jfglvslm12

    Thank you for writing that! I agree! WTF is up with Kim and those stupid "lip" pics? She's either blowing kisses, looking like a duck, or pushing her lips out, on purpose. So fucking stupid-looking. But fat-ass ho-bags do that.

  • Mafer Lum
    Mafer Lum

    excelentes fotossssssssssssssss

  • ssstephanie

    ps she looks so amazing in this photo, first thing i noticed, any man would by lucky to have her - hold on to her Lamar :)

  • ssstephanie

    khloe is the prettiest of the three and with the best personality which makes her all the more desirable :) GO KHLOE GO

  • ssstephanie

    kim! you sure look different :P

  • ssstephanie

    lol are you really surprised? its kim k! of course she looks beautiful..

  • ssstephanie

    they were clearly blowing kisses...and looking super pretty while doing so (well demi does)

  • ssstephanie

    since when is this considered a "duckface"? its a "kissy" face...did i miss something?

  • SuckDeez

    @karen...LIAR !

  • mary

    i love kourtney <3 and people needa stop hating they r jealousss

  • mary

    love demi <3

  • Maeshawn Lewenskii @_fcknbaddbitch_
    Maeshawn Lewenskii @_fcknbaddbitch_

    if Khole is fat ! Then what size are you? Cuz millions and millions of people have her body type ! -I love you Khole dont let these bum bitchezz ever brinq you down because i watch your show more than i do Kim's only because your HA-HA-HALARIOUSSSS ♥ much lovee

  • Karen

    Kris Humphries sister is actually prettier than Kim. And natural,I bet.

  • titi

    your pretty love u kim.go kimmie go kimme

  • Marcus Rosales
    Marcus Rosales

    Khloe will ALWAYS look the best! :)

  • realzes

    Love ur hair however.

  • realzes

    You are not the beautiful KK no more, step down for the youngsters and stop with the procedures on yourface, ever heard of "age gracefully"? And please cool it down on the make up, have self confidence in what you have been given.

  • nickisbarb

    fat? but you meant thin right? just like in yur last comment on kim's honeymoon picture? your pathetic. your probably all bones and wishing for their bodies, or your probably very fat and have to put others down to make yourself feel better. such a hater, is nasty. get a life and stop looking at pictures of girls that you are only going to speak negative about. dumba$$

  • joescro

    I think her sister Kourtney is looking better than Kim now

  • grr

    also kim isn't skinny!

  • grr

    Sick of people pickin on Khloe, She is the prettiest of the Kardashian girls in my opinion. She is real, and like Sona said she knows she doesn't look the same as kim and kort she doesn't need some idiot telling her that shes fat etc etc.

  • stephanie

    i would trade in my body type for khloe's anyday! she has an hour glass feminine and beautiful!

  • lupe

    Omg kim is stunning as always I wish you guys would post more of kort and kloe!

  • sona


  • sona

    wow u just described khloe! congrats! she really didn't know that she was heavier than kim and kourtney! thank you for letting her know every single day. and btw i am not protecting khloe, i'm just against bullying , stop telling peopl that they are fat ugly or stupid! cause YOU are fat ugly and stupid

  • courtneybaaaby

    cutest girls

  • courtneybaaaby

    skinny skinny fat

  • courtneybaaaby

    hello daddy

  • courtneybaaaby

    she looks actually so beautiful here

  • courtneybaaaby

    fuck off slut, back off my man bitch

  • courtneybaaaby

    whats with all the duck faces, its not attractive.

  • courtneybaaaby

    i know! father and daughters shouldn't act like that hey!

  • courtneybaaaby

    go the duck face

  • Marcio Fragoso
    Marcio Fragoso

    U are so Beautiful!!!!I Love So Much!!!!!!1day I want a coffe wid u Kim!It's possible??

  • generalPublic

    ewwwww....gross. Pedaphalic.

  • Denise martin
    Denise martin

    Love ya......congrats on the 10 mil.

  • Nicole

    that's funny, everyone knows there's a link on twitter to gain more followers with the click of a button. I quit twitter a long time ago because I think it's silly to "follow" someone, that speaks volumes about your own boring life. Be a leader, not a follower!

  • Shirley :-)
    Shirley :-)

    Congrats Kim! On all your success...

  • Whattheheck!

    As it stands there is too much exposure. Why would I care to follow her on twitter? Not my style. Nothing against Kim, but do I really want to know every aspect of your life? Next is a sex book on love and marriage and then it ends 10 months later. Wishing the best nevertheless.

  • coserumaria

    this is rick ross?

  • norma

    Hi,I'm living in Colima,mexico.but I'm still one of your fans

  • coserumaria

    i loveee youu:x

  • Mohammad Yousaf
  • Kelll

    Baby Mason is so adorable!

  • Shahida

    I love you! Mwah pls cum to SA

  • mel

    Love, love love kim..shes full figured and love her style..alot of people say I look like her and follow her fashionista Kim!!

  • Lorraine

    Kim Kardashian has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  • Keyes

    Kim Kardashian is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. Armenian perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

  • Marcelina

    Her boobs are so huge! I’m pretty sure she could smother a man to death between those boobs. It would be one of the most pleasant deaths a man could die.