Matthew Morrison Will Direct New Episode of ‘Glee’

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Matthew Morrison has already won us over as a singer and actor. Now he’ll be taking the reigns on an upcoming episode of Glee adding directing to his resume. According to Entertainment Weekly, Morrison will be directing Glee‘s eighth episode this season, which will air in November.

The storyline of the episode is unknown, but we’re looking forward to see what Matt brings to the table.  What songs do you think he’ll have to Glee Club singing? Leave us comments below!

Last week, Jonah Hill admitted he has beef with the Glee actor. While on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Jonah recalled when he was at a Hollywood party with “lame actors” where Matt and “a Gossip Girl guy” [Chace Crawford] were talking, and Jonah overheard them say his name as the “punch line” to their joke.

”Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your sh** next time I see you dude,” he said adding, “I’d like to see him sing his way out of this one.” Once calm, Jonah retracted a bit, adding, “I’m just kidding, you seem like a great guy.”