Rob Kardashian on ‘Dancing’ Week 1: ‘I Felt the Judges Were a Little Harsh’

Kardashians in Bora Bora!
The Karadashian head to paradise.
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Celebuzz chatted with Rob Kardashian just minutes before before he headed off to the iHeartradio concert in Las Vegas with his Dancing With the Stars partner Cheryl Burke. Rob, who didn’t exactly get raves from the judging panel during the first week of DWTS, talked to us about the “harsh” critiques of his performance, those pesky Cheryl dating rumors and all things Kardashian.

Check it out:

Thanks for talking with us! Looks like you are off to Vegas?
Yeah, I’d rather be here focusing on rehearsing to be honest. I want to go support Ryan Seacrest.

So how has your experience been so far on Dancing With the Stars?
It’s been good! You know it’s fun, not too hectic.

You get approached to do so many things, why did you agree to go on the show?
Just because it’s something I have never gotten the opportunity to do. I would never have seen myself do something like this — dancing in front of 20 million people live. I don’t go out and go dance or anything anyway! It’s just getting me out of my element I thought it would be fun and challenging.

With your first performance behind you, how do you feel looking back at week one?
I felt I had a great performance. Everyone, even all the professional dancers told me what a great job I did and so did my friends and family.

Do you think the judges were accurate with their score?
I felt the judges were a little harsh, and I maybe got underscored. I was also the first Viennese Waltz, so they didn’t really have anything to compare me to.

What does your partner Cheryl Burke tell you before hitting the stage?
Just to bring out your personality. You have to feel the music, I guess stuff the judges kind of commented on.

You had great support in the crowd, Kim, Kourtney — does it make you more nervous having them there?
No, It was good, I felt very comfortable to have everyone there and support me. It made it easier for me, actually. I do everything with them.

Any friendly rivalry to outlast Kim?
[laughing] No, not actually.

Did she give you any advice?
You know, just be out there, have fun, smile and I definitely did.

How has doing the show changed your day to day life? A lot of your competitors say they have had to change their diet!
I’m not really dieting, I still eat junk and all that kind of stuff. I need to eat a little better, but definitely my feet are sore. Your muscles get used to it, but definitely sore in places I’ve never been before.

Obviously you and your family are no strangers to tabloid gossip. Were you already prepared for the Rob-Cheryl dating rumors?
Oh yeah. I was! I’m sure [the rumors] are out there. Cheryl is awesome. She’s like a sister. I’ve got her back and she’s got mine. We just want to do well together.

So more or a sister relationship than romantic?
Yeah! I mean people always say that.

So I can tell all my Twitter followers begging me to find out, that you are single.
Yes, very. Very!

What’s next for you post-Dancing?
We start filming a new season of Khloe & Lamar and we’re currently filming Kourtney and Kim Take New York. You know I hope I don’t get voted off because if I do I have to out there and film!

How is it now that Kris Humphries is a part of filming?
It’s definitely different. I just haven’t had a lot of time with him or the family. They are all out in New York.

Kim still loving newlywed life?
Kim is very happy, yeah she is. She’s great!

OK, so leave us with what we can expect Monday.
I’m feeling really good about it. You guys will like the next dance — it’s the jive. It’s fun. You’ll see more personality. It’s good … Real good!

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