Style Exposed: ‘Sperm Donor’ Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)

Fall TV Guide: 2011
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If you’re into documentaries, this one is sure to grab your attention!

As a part of The Style Network’s Style Exposed series, a new, provocative documentary called Sperm Donor follows the world of sperm donors and their offspring.

One donor, Ben, learns that his sperm donations have been used to produce 74 children, with more live births still occurring.  Now, he must break the news to his fiancee. As she grapples with the information and how it will affect their future, Ben makes plans to meet a mother of two — both born through Ben’s sperm donation. 

The documentary also explores the relationship between half-sisters who recently found each other through the DSR after discovering their mothers used the same sperm donor. While donor siblings, Adrienne and Karis, have only talked on the phone and video chatted on the computer, Adrienne surprises Karis with a visit to help her half-sister prepare for her senior prom.

Wow! Sounds intense. Be sure to catch the new episode  premiering Tuesday, September 27 at 9:00pm ET/PT on the Style Network!