Style Showdown: Jillian Rose Reed vs. Rachel G. Fox in Settori (POLL)


These two young ladies are very different, but share similar tastes in style!

Jillian Rose Reed from MTV's Awkward was snapped at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Candy's after party looking sassy in silver, while Rachel G. Fox from Desperate Housewives was pretty in pink at the 9th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party. Both stars wore a different colored version of the same Settori dress with individually styled accessories.

Which one gets your vote in this style showdown? Vote in our poll!

For a fashion flashback, take a look at our best and worst from this year's VMAs!

p.s. Don't miss the season finale of Awkward Tuesday night on MTV. The show is a hit with audiences and is currently the number one scripted show on the network.


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  • LOL

    You can clearly see Rachel's slip because the dress is WAY too short (it looks like a tank top). She looks like she's in Vegas not a Teen Vogue party, LOL! Jillian looks better, hands down!

  • Fallon

    Rachel looks amazing. I love the pink color and the belt. My vote is for Rachel.

  • Karen

    Jillian looks so much better

  • Charlie

    Both girls wear the dress well, but Rachel get the vote. It just looks better on her!

  • #1fan


  • Megan

    I totally agree!

  • Megan

    Both of then look really nice, but it comes down to your personal style. I LOVE Rachel's (girl on left) outfit! She looks so pretty! I love the dress, and the shoes are amazing! My vote goes to Rachel!

  • Lisa

    Rachel wore it way better! You are all crazy! It is young and fresh and girlie. I love it.

  • Peaches

    Diff, Jillian, her stylist ROCKS!

  • Gary

    Definately the beautiful girl on the left! :)

  • lafonda

    omg the girl on the left. shes so much more polished and appropriate. The girl on the right is hella tacky. like. hello tar, got tacky? OMG WTF BBQ

  • amanda

    Jillian for sure!!!

  • marty

    Jillian = the best

  • Kelly Hart
    Kelly Hart

    Jillian wore it better (:

  • Jordan

    Jillian wore it better!! :)

  • Gabby White
    Gabby White

    Jillian did it best by far(:. And I can't wait for Awkward!


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