‘Awkward’ Star Jillian Rose Reed Reveals Season Finale Secrets (Sort of)

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Jillian Rose Reed vs. Rachel G. Fox.
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We’re a little sad that tonight is the season finale of Awkward –since that means we have to wait until next season for more!

The new series soared in the ratings to become MTV’s highest-rated scripted show, scoring fans with its quirky cast and well-scripted plot.

Celebuzz has some clues into tonight’s big finish, thanks to series star Jillian Rose Reed

“As Awkward season one is coming to an end, I cant think of anything else to say other than how excited I am!” Jillian says. “I’m thrilled to say that the response to the show has been amazing! We quickly became MTV’s highest rated scripted television series, got picked up for a season two, and received such a great response from all of the fans — who by the way are The Best.”

The young star adds that she’s “sworn to secrecy” about tonight’s finale, but we managed to squeeze some juice from her. “I can tell you there will be a school dance, lots of pretty dresses and cute boys, and of course a lot of “awkward” drama!” she adds. “It’ll be the perfect ending to a perfect season, and I cant wait for season two! I’m hoping to see a lot more Tamara and Ricky Schwartz shenanigans! Guess we’ll all have to wait and see what’s in store!” 

Don’t miss tonight’s Awkward on MTV! If you need to catch up, you can watch full episodes on the show’s official website.