David Beckham Talks Baby Harper & Putting His Cologne in Odd Places

Beckham Hits Beach
David Beckham shirtless and sexy on the beach!
David Beckham launched his seventh fragrance Homme at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills on Monday, and looked gorgeous in a grey Ralph Lauren suit. Not to mention, his fragrance smelled pretty damn too. “It’s modern, but very masculine,” David told us. 

While promoting his fragrance, Beckham said it’s completely fine to spray it in a very unusual place…

“It does smell better on your leg, guaranteed” David laughed Monday. “There is a few places I put it…but I will say the neck is the best one.”

Such a tease! Obviously it’s important for wife Victoria to approve of the smell and David said he did have her help a bit.

“Of course she helps,” Beckham told Celebuzz. “It is always important to get a woman’s perspective on most things in life. Obviously I will be wearing this a lot, so she needs to like it. And she does- she loves it, she really loves when I wear it.”

Becks not only has been busy with this fragrance, but also has been busy with a new addition to his home…baby Harper!

“I know finally [it’s a girl],” joked David. “I really could not be happier, it has been so great.”

And he said his adorable trio of sons are adjusting nicely too.

“We are all loving it,” David told us. “It definitely was a change at first, going from a boys house. Harper is such a lady. And watching Victoria with her- I’m so lucky.”

Now, back to the fragrance. Here is why David said you should buy his seventh one:

“I think you know, throughout all the fragrances we’ve kind of had a citrus that goes through it. I’ve always loved that. It doesn’t make it different, but there is a freshness about this one that is different than the others we’ve brought out.”

Congrats all around, David!