Happy 27th Birthday, Avril Lavigne! Hot Pics of the Rocker (PHOTOS)

She's been rocking crowds and winning the affection of Sk8er Bois for nearly 10 years now -- can you believe "Complicated" was released in 2002?! -- and on this fine day, Avril Lavigne is officially 27 years old.

Avril, who was born on September 27, 1984, has been belting out hits left and right over the last nine years, everything from her debut single "Complicated" all the way to her recent infectious I'm-young-and-ready-to-have-fun anthem "What the Hell?" Avril, who has been dating Brody Jenner recently, will be spending her birthday at home in her new home of Los Angeles, saying on Twitter:

Home for a couple of days. Then off to Canada the whole month of October on my tour. First show is in Victoria on Saturday who is coming??!!
Ten years ago, "home" was Canada, as the pop-punk crooner was born in Ontario.



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  • jim

    nice ass

  • sayimsha

    27?! Avril will forever look 17 to me.


    by the way, i didnt come here to look at pics the paparazzi took of you... i wanted to wish you a happy bday... just to make things clear... k bye :)


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVRIL!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you get the chance to read this! I'm a 7th grader and we had to write biographies, so i chose to write one about you! :) It made it really fun to do... all of it! You're my role model and you're so amazingly incredibly talented! My biography ended up being longer than most people's in my class cuz i got a little carried away. :P I hope you like it!!! Biography Type: 4 9/27/11 FCA I: Organization FCA II: Content FCA III: Subjects-Predicates Can you imagine growing up in a tiny town with a population of about 5,000 people, and becoming a worldwide success by 17 years old? Maybe you can’t, but Avril Lavigne can because that’s exactly what happened to her. Avril Ramona Lavigne was born on September 27, 1984 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. She grew up idolizing her older brother, Matt. She was never really a girly girl, preferring family outings like dirt biking and camping over dating. She was actually a total tomboy, wearing her brother’s old clothes and being on the boys’ ice hockey league since she was 10 years old. In high school, she discovered skateboarding and really enjoyed it. Instead of dressing like and modeling herself after a celebrity, the people whom she skated with became her role models. Many people called her Abbey Dawn because that’s the nickname her dad gave her when she was little. She had always had passion for music, and ever since she was little, her mother had told her that she knew that little Avril would grow up to be a singer. One day, her parents surprised her, her older brother, and her little sister, Michelle with a full band set complete with drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and an electric guitar. Every day after school, she would go to the instruments and practice her music. She taught herself chords on the guitar and could play pretty well without a single lesson! At age 14, Avril won a video contest and the chance of a lifetime. She got to sing with Shenia Twain on stage in front of 20,000 people!!! After that, Avril decided that she knew that she wanted to keep performing. She worked really, really hard on her music. She performed on subways and in the streets, and one time when she was performing on a subway with her band, they made almost $16.00! She went to New York to write, and someone from the industry heard her. He had the other people from the label listen to her and they were all blown away by her incredible voice! At age 17 she released her first album, “Let Go”. It featured her two major hits, “Complicated”, and “Sk8er Boi”. Avril Lavigne was an instant hit. She got to live out her dream of performing her music in front of thousands of screaming fans. Soon after, Avril released her second album, “Under My Skin”. She grew more and more successful. During one of her tours in Asia, she hit a bump in the road. She overheard a group of people saying that she made them sick because she’s so fake, and she thinks she’s so punk and skater, but she couldn’t even skate. That made her really upset, so she made a Youtube video confirming that she never called herself punk or skater, but it was just another label that everyone was putting on her. That helped a lot, so the whole thing sort of just died out. On July 15, 2006, she married another rocker named Derek Wibley. She released her 3rd album, “The Best bad word Thing”, featuring her hit song, “Girlfriend”. She and her husband divorced in 2009, which delayed the release of her fourth album she spent 2 and a half years working on, “Goodbye Lullaby”. In 2011, the album finally came out, and her ex- husband/ good friend produced a lot of. The album features her hit song, “What the bad word”. It also features “Alice”, which is the song she wrote for the movie Alice in Wonderland. The music video had Johnney Depp, which is something that Avril is very pleased with! Now, little Avril Ramona Lavigne is no longer 7 year old Abbey Dawn singing at church in a tiny town in Canada, but a 27 year old free spirit who’s out her childhood dream, and is also designing her own fashion line called Abbey Dawn. Though she grew up in such a small town, that didn’t stop her from performing all over the world. It’s not complicated, but she’s simply the best bad word thing!  from HANNAH O.

  • Jeremy Travis
    Jeremy Travis

    I hope that Avril Lavigne does more mainstream movies from now on. She has done nothing since Over the Hedge (2006), Fast Food Nation (2006) and The Flock (2007).