Hoda on Who’s the Craziest Cohost: Kathie Lee or Seth Rogen?

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Hoda Kotb hit the 50/50 red carpet Monday night in NYC following the film’s leading man Seth Rogen filling in for Kathie Lee Gifford on hosting duties for the TODAY show earlier that day. 

Celebuzz got a chance to chat with the morning show host who wanted to “go on the record” about how she really felt about Seth standing in for Kathie. “Oh my God! First of all, he’s crazy,” she said excitedly. “I wanna go on record and explain that he’s a nut bag. There’s no one crazier than Seth.” 

As for who’s crazier, Seth or Hoda’s quirky cohost Kathie Lee, she disclosed to Celebuzz

“Who’s crazier? That’s not easy. KLG (Kathie Lee Gifford) has got to be crazier.”

While on TODAY on Monday, Seth and Hoda battled it out in a trivia game show where the actor ended up winning. In good fun, Hoda commented on Seth’s victory, smiling, “Cheated, and don’t you forget it, because I don’t trust him.” Check out Seth’s TODAY show hosting skills in the video below, and be sure to check out his movie 50/50 when it hits theaters Friday, Sept. 30. 

Seth had such a good time on TODAY, he returned Tuesday with his costar Joseph Gordon-Levitt and chatted about his new dramedy with the Al Roker and friends … booze not included this time.  

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