Look Familiar? Jennifer Aniston Wears Same Outfit Twice!


Jennifer Aniston is afraid to recycle an outfit if it makes her look hot. The actress stepped out Monday night in NYC for the premiere of the Lifetime movie Five (of which she helped direct) wearing a pair of black slacks and a matching black vest, an ensemble we've seen her in before. 

Jen wore the same style to the 2011 People's Choice Awards this past January, but this time instead of baring a bit of cleavage, she showed off a sexy lace bra. 

Do you think it's okay to recycle an outfit on the red carpet, or is it a fashion faux pas? Sound off in the comments!

Despite Jen's awesome outfit Monday night, there was something missing on the red carpet, her beau Justin Theroux! He did however, escort her to the event as they were spotted leaving her apartment, but Justin didn’t pose for pics at the venue.



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  • happy hiker
    happy hiker

    Its not even the same outfit.

  • Sam

    I'm sure the author of this post has wore the clothes they wore while writing this post more than once. Get over it. Just because she's a celeb doesn't mean she has to have brand new clothes every single day.

  • Jonathan Siewert
    Jonathan Siewert

    I don't care if she wears the same thing twice if it's something sexy. This outfit is boring.

  • AlaBella

    Is it okay to recycle an outfit on the red carpet? Well, yeah, it is. I'll never understand why some "fashion critics" consider just because someone is famous they can't wear the same thing twice.