Julianne Hough Makes MTV’s New Class’ as the Next Triple Threat (VIDEO)

Julianne's Bikini Body
See the body 'Dancing' made 'Rock' hard.
Ryan & Julianne in Miami
The couple has a romantic weekend.
Hollywood is always after the “next best thing.”  It was basically a no-brainer that when MTV was tasked to find a group of young celebrities who would fit that title for their “New Class” segment, they chose the one and only Julianne Hough as Hollywood’s next Triple Threat!

“Everyday, I am shocked and surprised and so excited that anybody would want to put me in any kind of list or category as some up-and-comer,” Hough tells MTV, “That’s the dream!”

With a country album, two Dancing with the Stars champion trophies, and the new Footloose remake under her belt, Julianne certainly deserves the coveted title. But when asked to choose one her favorite “threats”, Hough couldn’t decide!

“I don’t want to choose! I love all of them and each fulfills a different side of me.”

From the looks of it , Julianne’s red hot career isn’t slowing down one bit! The blonde beauty is currently working alongside A-listers Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin on the film adaptation of Broadway musical Rock of Ages.