Kim Kardashian: Kendall And Kylie Are Braided Together!


Look at how silly Kendall and Kylie are! They braided their hair together and spent the entire night like this!

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  • johnmichael24

    You girls are so funny and pretty.

  • Kathy

    Love seeing sisters acting lile friends god bless and remembet friends come and go but your sistet will always be there

  • Jessica

    Ah!! When i was 12 i did this with my best friend , 16 now... Good memories. Wish i could do this again, but i cut my hair for cancer (:

  • Diana Lopez
    Diana Lopez

    Lol how is this Possible? :DD

  • lovemybabieshatemydisease

    Adorable all I always wanted a girl TEARS

  • Ree

    Yall gurls n Rob should worship Kris for the perfect genepool she passed on to yall! Such a bonito familia!

  • kls1

    So cute!!! My daughter is going to love this!!!

  • Jose

    Super cuit

  • Ester Ayala
    Ester Ayala

    Kylie looks alot to khloe. Bothe thru rally preatty. God bless the all familia. Im rally God fam pd UR guys.

  • Layla Chemi
    Layla Chemi

    omg me and my friends did tht 2! :D LOL

  • maria pia
    maria pia

    OMG sou beatiful kendall and kylie are you favorit fan kardashian sou #1 w00000ooow

  • Kimberlee

    I think these girls are beatiful ! Love them bothe keep ur head up girls

  • Erika . Moore
    Erika . Moore

    I really think kylie looks like khloe ...Mrs. Kris Jenner r u sure you weren't creeping with bruce? ?? Just sayin' lol! All said with love.

  • Erika Moore
    Erika Moore

    Kylie looks so much like khloe ....Mrs. Kris Jenner are u sure u weren't creeping with bruce?? Just sayin' lol! All said with love

  • sheshe

    I really am starting to think that kloe is a jenner lol

  • laiekah from south africa
    laiekah from south africa

    I can't help but notice how the one on the right I think that's kylie looks so much like klohe.ur gorgeous doll and ur gonna be just as beautiful as your sister klo

  • Achinike barbs-chi
    Achinike barbs-chi


  • henry santiago
    henry santiago

    Looking good girls hope you guys have a good day

  • danielleakame

    i hope no one sneezed

  • aztekgoddezz


  • Anumaka Bright Emmanuel
    Anumaka Bright Emmanuel

    That was interesting, i love you all!

  • Birna

    Hahah LOL ! :D