Kim Kardashian Shows Bra in a Sheer, Ripped Up Leather Top (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian certainly knows how to make a statement! Earlier Tuesday she sported a "Vote for Rob" tee-shirt and later that evening she was photographed flaunting her fabulous figure in a much more see-through shirt.

Kim stepped out with Kourtney and Scott Disick for a bowling trip in quite the getup. Kim rocked leather pants and a ripped leather top that showed her bra underneath, and topped it all off with a black blazer.

The family headed to Bowlmore lanes bowling centre with some friends in tow. Kris Humphries was nowhere to be seen, and it most certainly is his loss.  His wife was looking sleek and sexy!

Work it Kim!



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  • paul

    i need to go bowling more often

  • Jasmine

    Lol she's just creative...besides, she's Kim's makeup artist, so in other words Kim should worship her

  • ssstephanie

    i want those leather of outfit is horrible. worst ive seen kim wear, tsk, tsk.

  • Lilly

    im obsessed with kim's entire outfit but the shirt is extraa fab<3

  • Guest

    Kim should be wearing a support bra. Those puppies are hanging way to low.

  • Marcus Rosales
    Marcus Rosales

    Quit talking shit. Joyce is cute! ;)

  • Nicole

    her boobs are ugly, just google the W magazine where she stripped down

  • Nicole

    pink head & gay dude got to go! they always look like they need a good scrub down, ucky dirty!

  • Nicole

    this chick with the pink hair is a certified clown! they should be embarrassed to be seen with that idiot!

  • anon


  • Maria

    i just love scotts face on this picture lol

  • Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober
    Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober

    i love kims shoes!! :D and joyce looks amazing!!

  • Muneca Cruel
    Muneca Cruel

    No she wore that to go bowling?

  • Brandi Lacey
    Brandi Lacey

    Looking good as always!! Gotta love all of the K sisters!!

  • sona

    the lady with the pink wig is kraykray HAHAHAHAHHA just kidding :D

  • Marcelina

    Her boobs are so huge! I’m pretty sure she could smother a man to death between those boobs. It would be one of the most pleasant deaths a man could die.

  • sayimsha

    Who wears such an outfit to go bowling? Oh Attention, the things people will do for you.