Matthew McConaughey: Prepped to Bare All on 'Magic Mike' Set? (PHOTOS)

Channing vs. Alex
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This is more like it!

A few days ago, Matthew McConaughey was snapped wearing far too many clothes for a movie about male strippers -- but today he looks prepared to take it all off!

The actor stepped out on the set of Magic Mike, apparently wearing nothing but a smile -- and a plush blue robe. The movie is loosely based on Channing Tatum's days as a male stripper, with rumors that audiences will get the full monty. 

Matthew's costar Joe Manganiello was said to be appearing in a full-frontal scene, but reps later denied the reports.

In the Steven Soderbergh directed flick, (scheduled for a 2012 release), Alex Pettyfer will play a character who gets mixed up in the world of male stripping and hustling to get by. McConaughey will play a former stripper who now owns the club where this slew of sexy men take it all off.

From what we've seen so far,there will be no shortage of celebrity skin!



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  • Emm

    Male strip acts/clubs are no where near the level of scummy that the female strip joints reach.