Ryan Gosling on Fellow Canadian Justin Bieber: 'We're Very Proud of Him' (VIDEO)

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Ryan Gosling showed up in a sexy, "free" gray suit on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday night and chatted about everything from his Canadian homeland to how he really feels about fashion. 

The Drive star is from Cornwall, Canada, while another Hollywood heartthrob Justin Bieber is also from the great white North. He said of his fellow citizen: 

"Well, Justin Bieber I believe was born in London, Ontario. We're very proud of him. He's doing a good job."
Jay referred to Justin and Ryan as the "cool kids" of Canada, of which RyGos replied, "Sure." As for Ryan's sleek suit, he admitted this may look familiar to some viewers. 

The actor revealed that he had worn the gray suit another time before and in show business that's like "spitting in fashion's face." He added, "But I don't care. I'm wearing it again so take that fashion!"

RyGos isn't the only celeb to recycle an outfit this week. Fashionista Jennifer Aniston re-wore her black slacks and matching vest that she was seen in at the 2011 People's Choice Awards to Monday night's Five premiere. How do you feel about re-wearing red carpet outfits? Sound off in the comments!

For more with RyGos, check out the rest of his interview on Tonight below!

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  • Eli

    It's normal to wear your clothes (and outfits) several times, I everytime think that the "repeat offender" shit because a celebrity wear something twice is stupid. They have to be (kind of) role-models. We are living an economic crisis so if they want to be consider more like good people they don't have to spend to much money in fashion.

  • danielleakame


  • Bella

    Ryan looks freaking hot in anything he wears, so he can be an outfit repeater all he wants.