Style Showdown: Jessica Simpson vs. Jessica Simpson (POLL)

Jessica vs. Bristol
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Jessica Simpson, 31, has a new favorite look: cutoff short-shorts and loose-fitted animal print blouses. Within the past few weeks, the fashion designer has been spotted in two super similar styles. 

On Monday, Jessica, her fiance Eric Johnson and sister Ashlee Simpson were spotted at the airport in Los Cabos, Mexico. The fashionista wore a grayish blouse that she paired with a HUGE black hat and sunglasses. She tweeted from Los Cabos, writing: "Leaving family vacation..."

Earlier this month, the triple threat entertainer wore almost the same outfit!

Jessica stepped out in her trademark Daisy Dukes and a super loose-fitted leopard print top that looked more like a maternity blouse than a sexy shirt. On her arm was her soon-to-be hubby as she left dinner at Mastro‚Äôs Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Which animal print style do you prefer? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a few fashion reviews for Jessica! From the looks of her latest outfits, she needs some recommendations!


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  • Jill

    Exactly, this is the umpteenth operrt that she's pregnant the first one being 1999. And besides why would it affect photo shoots? If she JUST learned she's pregnant that gives her a good TWO MONTHS Before showing, this makes it sound like she got fat and just learned it was a pregnancy and damn tomorrow she'll be looking 6 months along. REAL pregnancies don't work like that. What a load of BS crap JUST a lame attempt for some nameless twit to CLAIM they know Jessica, and Jessica JUST Posted on her WEBSITE if she was pregnant she'd announce it to the whole free world in seconds flat. We KNOW she talks incessantly about being a virgin, having sex, so she'd talk about having a baby AND landing a deal with Sephora NEITHER Of which came out in her POSTYou know I may have bad things to say about Jessica but there is one thing that I do give her credit for, she announces PERSONAL things to her FANS FIRST BEFORE it makes the press junket. She announced her engagement on her board BEFORE it hit the news so if the girl was pregnant she'd announce it for fear if she didn't tell her fans first they may HATE her for not telling them the news BEFORE the press. That and she'd NEVER wait for that three month mark MOST celebs wait for, you know when the rate of miscarriage decreases because she SEEKS OUT sympathy from everyone she'd announce it the day she was told she's pregnant and if she miscarried she'd milk it for all its worth and act as if NO OTHER WOMAN EVER had a miscarriage but poor poor Jessica. Bottom line, THIS is BS

  • Maggie

    She is either pregnant or is having an ongoing love affair with Krispy Kreme.

  • Maguire

    Love Jessica Simpson, very attractive and sexy. She's amazing. That woman is incredible.