Taylor Lautner’s Hangout: Senior Citizen Bowling Alley (VIDEO)

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Taylor Lautner is such a heartthrob that one of the only places this teenager likes to hang is a senior citizen bowling alley. The Twilight teen wolf appeared on Conan to promote his new movie Abduction, and admitted that the he was able to get away from the fans while shooting in Toronto, Canada (Breaking Dawn) by bowling at an alley for older people. 

He told Conan O’Brien that the elderly were less than thrilled to have a bunch of rowdy teens bowling with them. “My goal is to not change my life because of this. I want to be able to do the same things,” he told the late show host of his heartthrob fame. “We found this senior citizens bowling alley … and the balls were half the size, and they’re really light. It was perfect because nobody knew who we were. 

TLaut also revealed the reactions he gets from the girls’ boyfriends. “It does get awkward sometimes,” he admitted. “It’s a totally different conversation. … They’re like, ‘Dude, you gotta give me some tips because my girlfriend really likes your body and she wants mine to look like yours,’ and it’s always super awkward.”

Following his rounds on late night, Taylor took off for Europe to promote Abduction, most recently spotted in Paris.