Cute Kid in Flight! Flynn Greeted By Adoring Dad Orlando Bloom (PHOTOS)

Is Flynn Bloom the cutest kid in Hollywood? He's certainly topping the list! The baby boy was dressed in an adorable onesy while in the arms of his gorgeous mother Miranda Kerr at the airport in London on Tuesday. 

An overjoyed Orlando Bloom gushed over his son as he greeted his family as they returned from being in NYC. No doubt, baby Flynn is definitely taking after his parents in the good looks category! Who do you think is the cutest kid in show biz? Sound off in the comments!

Some of our fave pics of Flynn and his dad Orlando were from the summer when the two enjoyed a lunch date at Chaya Café in Los Angeles, Calif. Check out the adorable pics below!



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  • julie

    He sure is a devoted father. And how would he not? Imagine to be around all this cuteness. What a joy!

  • Lena

    Flynn is the cutest! Seeing him with Flynn is so sweet!

  • S

    One of my fav Hollywood couples! Flynn is soo adorable! <3

  • tufenuf55

    Where are the pics of him being happy to see his wife? Come on, Orlando. Without Miranda, you would have never had this exact child. Give her some props.

  • danielleakame

    super cute!

  • Danny McGavin
    Danny McGavin

    Miranda Kerr is really gorgeous. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. There’s a lovely gentleness and sweetness to her.