Demi Moore's Sexiest Twitpics (PHOTOS)

Demi Moore has never been shy about what she shares on Twitter. Posting everything from smokin' hot bikini pics to sultry post-shower bathroom pics, the 48-year-old actress has always been transparent with her fans.

Now amid new tabloid reports of Ashton Kutcher's infidelity, the couple are still tweeting up a storm, avoiding any acknowledgment about the rumors. Demi did tweet a cryptic photo of her nude backside last week, which read, "'ve got your own back." Could that sexy tweet/photo have been about her marriage?

We're holding out for the couple, but until we hear anything from them, let's take a look back at some of Demi's sexiest Twitpic photos through the years.



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  • TheMachiniac

    She's old enough to be my mother but still as pretty as a 20 year old and my mother is much the same way. That's why I'll always like Demi Moore, especially that movie Striptease....Ashton Kutcher, better treat Aunt moore right!

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    Online video database

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  • Lynn

    oh for crying out loud. Just shut up already. When you are her age, you'll think and feel differently. Stupid little girls....and if you're not little girls then you're old women with giant sticks up your asses.

  • Brenda Biscouto
    Brenda Biscouto

    For some reason, now days they call anorexic "curvy"

  • Brenda Biscouto
    Brenda Biscouto

    How can a man cheat on that? See? There is no point in bending over backwards to please a man. If you´ll do something, do it for yourself

  • Bernsville

    She's not 65 you wanker , get a life.

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    private jets are ridiculous!! go green or go home!

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Hmm... That should be one for the personal collection Ashton!!

  • Kia

    I agree . I was looking at these "sexy" pictures and I was just like Ew , what is she doing ? First of all , how old is she ? She can show of her sexiness in other ways by maintaining her class not by acting like a 15 year old taking pics in a bathroom -__- This is tacky to me and not appropriate for a woman her age and a mother ..

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    ummm, yes plz lord i'd like to half as good as she does when iM that age !!!! #seriously

  • Sissy

    wow..she is so insecure. What the hell is she trying to prove? She is so obvious. A mother should not act like this. She always seems like she is Ashton's mom. She has always been trying to prove that she is young enough for Ashton. And she isn't...he is better off with her youngest daughter. All these pics she posts on twitter make me sick. The bikini pics just make me feel sorry for her.

  • Amella21

    Oh my, she is way too skinny....

  • Kl Chugh
    Kl Chugh


  • courtneybaaaby

    why is my boyfriend in bed with her :( thats it ashton WERE OVER :( back to taylor lautner than...

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    dont think she got the facial xpression right on this one lOl

  • 'Cindylicius Love
    'Cindylicius Love

    she looks really olad on this one

  • 'Cindylicius Love
    'Cindylicius Love

    yes! its too ugly

  • anon

    I can't be the only person who thinks she looks anorexic here? All I see is bones

  • ashish kumar mishra
    ashish kumar mishra

    photos is the best way of learn past memory

  • laura

    oh im so jel lovely photo xx

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    i wish i look like that when im her age!

  • monkeyfirecheese

    This woman is truly pathetic. Tweeting nude pix of herself? Does she think she's doing someone a favor or something? Need attention much? And he's a no-talent airhead as well. They deserve each other. LOSERS!!

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D

    you know your still lookin good when you can honestly look at yourself in the mirror, totally , without any make up on, and see how time has matured your style, REALLY no plastic surgery,or fillers or breast augmentations,Just a healthy natural look, and LADIES ; the 48triple E's are out

  • sayimsha

    People are always on this "Demi Moore looks so young!" craze that I just don't get. If you wipe off the makeup & glam I think she looks her age (48). Just my opinion.

  • Noah

    It's sad when her kids have more common sense around public tweet-voyeurism than their 65 year old mom.

  • Ketielynn

    You call them "sexiest" tweets...I call them in-secure, look at me, look at me, tweets.

  • ssstephanie

    agreed. love that movie

  • DRK

    Her adolescent behavior bothers me sometimes. Ok shes 48-years-old lady in shape good for her but at that age she should be more classy too... always showing pics in a bikini, underwear, topless srsly? Shes kinda desperate for attention

  • Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen
    Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen

    Demi Moore looked best when she was chubby with fat in her face and arms and tummy. That skinny-muscled exposed look on women looks unhealthy. The chubby baby look makes her look healthier.

  • Dantius

    My favourite Demi Moore movie is Striptease (1996) where she was at her sexiest. She was in her sexual prime back then and was incredibly gorgeous. I was overwhelmed by Demi Moore’s sexiness in that movie. She looked phenomenal in it! I love how she looked, how she did the splits, and how flexible her legs were.