Ed Helms Talks ‘Office’ Rivalry With Josh Groban

Josh Tweets
Josh Groban sings Piers Morgan’s tweets.
There’s no telling if Josh Groban will be able to sing his way out of a paper jam at Dunder Mifflin, but his role as Andy Bernard’s brother will turn The Office upside down.

During a press conference call, Office star Ed Helms dished all about the guest appearance hinting that there will be singing but a rivalry brewing between the two characters will cause a lot of drama. Sounding excited about the episode, Helms revealed:

“Josh is a part of a really exciting episode for me and for Andy because it’s really where we learn a lot about Andy, and not all of it’s good. Some of it’s sort of poignant. There of course is some fun music that gets mixed in there too. There is some rivalry but it takes a compelling turn that I think is unexpected. The source of the rivalry may not be what you expect.”

Fans hoping to hear Ed and Josh sing will get their wish during the episode, which is tentatively set to air in late October. 

“Of course Josh is a great singer and that wasn’t lost on our writers… I’m excited to show the fans kind of where and how Josh’s character fits into Andy’s life and also what it means for who Andy is, and it’s not all good.”

Hmm… Celebuzz readers, what do you think the rivalry will include? Sound off in the comments below!