Lindsay Lohan Kisses Philipp Plein (PHOTOS)

With rumors swirling that Lindsay Lohan is dating her designer boss Philipp Plein, the troubled starlet only added fuel to the fire when she puckered up for a kiss in Milan.

The kiss comes only days after LiLo held hands with Philipp during a shopping excursion through Italy, causing many to wonder if the two had a romantic relationship to go along with their business partnership! So are they dating? When Celebuzz reached out to Lindsay's rep a few days ago, he claimed:

“Lindsay is not dating Philipp Plein.”
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Over the weekend, Lindsay was named the new face of Philipp Plein's clothing line and wasted no time getting to work. She was spotted striking a pose during a photo shoot in Italy, changing into a number of outfits from his Spring and Summer 2012 line.

When the designer was asked during the press conference why he picked the Mean Girls star, Philipp gushed:

“Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality.”


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  • jim

    hey you hand man

  • nixsta

    kELLL..... Agreed she is a boemerlaar.thats a hoeboe in from South africa.

  • Kelll

    Haha from the looks of it, it looks like she took him out on a date, she drove, now dropping him off and walkinghim to the door.. aww Lindsay your such a gentlmen.

  • Kelll

    Get your elbows off the table!

  • Kelll

    Haha your pretty much right (nixsta), I feel so sorry for this girl more than anything, I mean her life really took a turn for the worst wouldn't you say? Lindsay is nothing but trash, I want to call her (yellow trash) since everything on her is all the color of dingy yellow, her hair, her nails, skin, eyes...lay off the booze bitch!

  • nixsta

    this bitch is stupid first straight then dyk now straight again,you really cant have bread both sides buttered,freaking loser,she really is a drama queen looking for attention.she is a terible actress aqnd a bad drama queen.slut.

  • Noah

    Aww thanks babe. You're an amazing kisser, too!

  • angel2317

    She is one of my favorite actress i have seen all her movie she is soooo talented whether she did this to herself or the fame got to her, i hope she gets her life back on track

  • Kourtney

    Haters Leave Lindsay alone!! they make a nice couple, and she is happy with philipp ... go guys! lilo i love you, stay strong <3

  • Serena VanSanten
    Serena VanSanten

    That was some kiss. Coincidently, my boyfriend and I had the most sensual kiss last night which made my head spin and my heart miss a beat. My boyfriend is an amazing kisser and he knows exactly what to do to turn me on in all the right ways.