LISTEN & RATE: Shvona Lavette 'Going Under' (AUDIO)

Shvona Lavette
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Listen up tastemakers! Celebuzz knows there's no better way to judge what's hot than to let our loyal readers rank their favorites. We've got a new track for you to make or break on the music scene.

 Shvona Lavette is a dance-pop singer with a sexy sizzle! Her new single "Going Under" was produced by Frequency and samples from the famous "Moments of Love" by Art of Noise.

The song is off her latest project 3 Percent & Rising. Take a listen to the track below, then it in our poll! 

Shvona "Going Under" by ShvonaLavette

You can find Shvona Lavette on her Facebook and follow her on Twitter @ShvonaLavette -- while you're at it, follow us @CELEBUZZ and like us on our Facebook too!



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  • Miss Goldstien
    Miss Goldstien

    I like the art of noise tidbit. Sexy and tasteful photo.

  • sayimsha

    That picture of her would've been equally as flattering if she had on some pants. I'm all for showing a little skin once in a while but I'm getting a bit sick of all the unnecessary nakedness among female singers. And I don't think some of them realize that once you begin your career naked, and that's the first thing people see, it becomes a part of your image. Your nakedness is what people will begin to expect all the time.