Taylor Lautner Hugs Up on Ex & Costar Lily Collins at Paris Premiere (PHOTOS)

Amid breakup rumors, Abduction costars Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins looked happier than ever as they posed together at the Paris premiere Tuesday night at Cinema Gaumont Marignan. 

The young stars smiled  for the cameras as they stood arm-in-arm together on the red carpet as if the break-up never even happened!

In the September issue of Seventeen, Taylor chatted about his beautiful costar, saying: 

"You can feel some sort of chemistry or a connection when you are reading a script with someone for the first time. And that was totally the case with Lily."
Check out scenes of Taylor and Lily together in Abduction below!

Either these two had the most amicable breakup in Hollywood, or they're back together, we're not sure! Also of note, neither Lily or Taylor confirmed or denied they were in a relationship in the first place. What do you think the deal is with their relationship? Sound off below in the comments!



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  • Emre

    been on your channel and i know you made up this user name just to make peploe believe that it is Chrissy Vittallo or Chris Soranno's ex that is all these other peploe just to hide the fact that you used to be the hooker that sued Engelbert in that sexual harassement fruad while you were married to a male stripper in Vegas. You screwed him out of thousands. We all know what you are trying to do to Rick.We've known him for years. It can't be him on all these posts you fake!

  • Khadidja

    As someone who aclaltuy likes Elizabeth Taylor, I find this highly insulting. Liz Taylor was one of the most beautiful women of all time not to mention talented. Lindsay Lohan is a hideous train wreck who is no longer attractive and she was never that talented, despite her claim that she knows that she's an amazing actress . Whatever, I'm not going to watch this. Yuck.

  • Noel

    I loved that man. The term brother doesn’t go far enugoh to express how I felt about him. His passing leaves a huge hole in my heart. I was lucky to have spoken with him just a few days before he died. We had a long conversation about what he was doing and where he might be going next. He was the funniest and most generous guy in the local. I will miss him every day that I live. Much love John.

  • Facebook fan
    Facebook fan

    My brother recommended I would possibly like this blog. He was once totally right. This publish actually made my day. You cann't consider just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    sorry but I hate her dress!!!!!!!

  • sydsouth

    * lilly wants a bad boy! * agree

  • sydsouth

    * You have an active imagination, but i agree with you kinda, but I think he really should stop dating his co stars.* that shit gets old

  • tufenuf55

    Taylor is in love with Kristen. As long as he feels this way, he'll never find his soulmate.

  • fa4

    They'd have some ugly kids with big eyebrows, long necks and smooshed faces.

  • Margaret

    Sartain, please!lol Your so funny. First of all Lily's still at the age that still puts her in the category as young. Being three years older than someone does not make you a cougar. Especially if you could have been in High School at the same time. It just means you dated a freshman your senior year. Taylor could walk away from her and still not know nothing. Now if he gets involved with a real life cougar, someone 30years and older, schools in section. Cougars don't date younger guys cause they can handle them, they date them so they can teach them how! You can't teach old dogs new tricks.lol I hope one day Taylor dates a real cougar, he's definate going to walk away with a degree in sexology after that. Am just saying.

  • S

    My bets are on they hooking up on set, going their separate ways some time after the filming is over and now trying to make some buzz out of it to keep people talking about them and the movie...

  • Sartain

    What a load of horse nonsense that Lily Collins was daing Taylor Lautner. She isn’t interested in being a cougar and wants to find an older guy. Taylor Lautner can’t handle older women anyway and Lily Collins is way out of his league.