Ultimate Style Showdown: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston (PHOTOS)

Jen's Decade of Hotness
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It’s the feud that doesn’t end: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston

Before the filming of 2005’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith these two Hollywood A-listers would’ve probably never crossed paths. Angelina was fresh off her blood-vile-wearing days and knee deep in her philanthropy, while Jen was wrapping up the 10th season of Friends and starting up a full fledged film career. But, that was before the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith which Angie starred opposite Jen’s then husband Brad Pitt.

Since then, it’s been a matter of who’s hotter? Who’s funnier? Who’s the better actress? But, Celebuzz wants to know who’s the more stylish of the two? We’ve pitted the past and present Pitt lovers against each other in the ultimate style showdown!

The rivalry seemed dead since the two have completely moved on with their lives. Jen’s currently dating hottie Justin Theroux and Brangelina have been going strong for the past 6 years! But Brad opened up old wounds when he dubbed his marriage to Jen as “boring.” He later retracted his statement and apologized to Jen on TODAY show telling Matt Lauer:

“She doesn’t deserve it. It happens to me every time … She’s good people. There should be a statue of limitations on this thing.”

A first glance, no one would imagine that these two would have anything besides Brad in common, but their fashion choices beg to differ. Both love to rock sunglasses to shield themselves from the paparazzi and they like to keep things clean and chic. No wild prints for them! Angie and Jen tend to lean towards a more neutral palette.

With styles so similar it’ll be difficult to choose a winner, but only one must prevail. Readers grab your gavels and make your final decision in the stylish case of Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston!